How Far Is The MetLife Stadium From Manhattan?

Is there a train that goes to MetLife Stadium?

NJ TRANSIT Rail Service Lautenberg train station in Secaucus, N.J., which allows fans from the region to quickly and efficiently reach MetLife Stadium.

The Meadowlands Rail Service delivers guests directly to the front door of MetLife Stadium..

How long does it take to get to MetLife Stadium from NYC?

How often do trains run to the stadium? There are three trains from Penn Station in the first 15 minutes of each hour to Secaucus Junction, and the ride is about 12 minutes. From Secaucus, the ride to the Stadium is about 10 minutes. Hoboken train runs about every 10 minutes to the Stadium.

How much is a beer at MetLife Stadium?

Numerous online reports on beer prices around the NFL listed MetLife Stadium the home of the NY Giants and NY Jets as the second highest beer prices in the NFL with an average cost of a beer at $8.75 or . 55 cents an ounce.

What is there to do around MetLife Stadium?

Things to Do near MetLife StadiumNew Meadowlands Market. #5 of 18 things to do in East Rutherford. … Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment. #4 of 18 things to do in East Rutherford. … American Dream. #7 of 18 things to do in East Rutherford. … Redd’s Bar and Restaurant. … SEA LIFE Aquarium at American Dream Mall. … Victory Sports Bar. … Izod Center. … City Tours.More items…

How early can you get into MetLife Stadium?

For most events, including NFL games, the gates to the stadium will open two hours prior to the event. Please call our Guest Services Hotline at 201-559-1515 for information about a specific event.

Can you Uber to MetLife Stadium?

A designated Rideshare Zone is located in Lot E off of West Peripheral Road, right outside of the Verizon Gate. When you request a ride from a rideshare service such as Lyft or Uber at MetLife Stadium, your pickup location will default to a pin in the pickup zone.

Can I walk to MetLife Stadium from a nearby hotel?

9 answers. You cannot practically, if not physically, walk to the stadium. … Even though we had a car, this was the better option, as parking at MetLife Stadium is not cheap, and the shuttle got us back to the hotel much faster than if we had to negotiate the traffic jam afterwards.

Can you smoke at MetLife Stadium?

In accordance with New Jersey State law, MetLife Stadium is SMOKE-FREE. Smoking is permitted along the fence line on the Plaza Level. Guests may not smoke in the East Hall or MetLife Central area or on/near the base of the stairways, ramps or escalators.

How do I get from Manhattan to MetLife Stadium?

Take ACE or 123 subway lines to 34 St-Penn Station. Go to any NJ Transit station clerk or Ticket Vending Machine, and buy a round-trip ticket to MetLife Station. Look on the departure boards for the next NJ Transit train that stops at Secaucus Junction Station. The screen will say “SEC” next to the line name.

How much is a taxi from Manhattan to MetLife Stadium?

The quickest way to get from Manhattan to MetLife Stadium is to taxi which costs $60 – $75 and takes 14 min.

How do I get from Times Square to MetLife Stadium?

Go to Penn station which is located on 34st. and 7th Ave. then go downstairs to the N.J. PATH trains going to New Jersey. Take the train going to Hoboken N.J. terminal for about $11.00 and then transfer to Meadowlands Rail Service for $4.50 and that will bring you right to the stadium.

How do I get from Brooklyn to MetLife Stadium?

There is no direct connection from Brooklyn to MetLife Stadium. However, you can take the line 2 subway to Times Sq-42 St, take the walk to Port Authority Bus Terminal, take the line 164 bus to Paterson Plank Rd At Gotham Parkway, then take the walk to MetLife Stadium.

How do I get from Penn Station to Secaucus Junction?

NJ Transit operates a train from New York Penn Station to Frank R Lautenberg Secaucus Upper Level every 20 minutes. Tickets cost $2 – $7 and the journey takes 9 min.

Is the Meadowlands the same as MetLife Stadium?

In September 2010, MetLife Stadium, then known as New Meadowlands Stadium, opened for its first game. It was privately built and funded by the Jets and Giants.

How long is the train from Secaucus to Meadowlands?

10 to 13 minutesTravel time between Meadowlands Station and Secaucus Junction is 10 to 13 minutes; a trip to or from Hoboken Terminal takes about 23 minutes. The agency considers full capacity to be 10,000 passengers per hour.

Are blankets allowed in MetLife Stadium?

Carry-In Policy Factory-sealed, plastic bottles of water or soft drinks that are 20 oz. or less in size. Still-photography cameras with a lens that is 6″ or less in length not contained in a case. Hand-carried jackets, blankets, or other items, which will be patted down or searched.