How Many Songs Did The Grateful Dead Write?

Who sang most of the Grateful Dead songs?

Robert Hunter (lyricist)Robert HunterDiedSeptember 23, 2019 (aged 78) San Rafael, California, U.S.GenresFolk rock bluegrass country rock rock and roll psychedelic rock blues rockOccupation(s)Musician singer songwriter poet translatorInstrumentsGuitar vocals mandolin8 more rows.

What is your favorite Grateful Dead song?

My top 20 favorite Dead songs: Scarlet Begonias / Fire on the Mountain. China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider. Bertha.

What was the Grateful Dead’s biggest hit?

Track listingNo.TitleOriginal album1.”Terrapin Station”Terrapin Station2.”Shakedown Street”Shakedown Street (1978)3.”I Need a Miracle”Shakedown Street4.”Fire on the Mountain”Shakedown Street9 more rows

What does the Grateful Dead stand for?

GRATEFUL DEAD: The motif of a cycle of folk tales which begin with the hero coming upon a group of people ill-treating or refusing to bury the corpse of a man who had died without paying his debts. He gives his last penny, either to pay the man’s debts or to give him a decent burial.

Is John Mayer in the Grateful Dead?

Dead & Company is a band consisting of former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir (guitar), Mickey Hart (drums), and Bill Kreutzmann (drums), along with John Mayer (guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass/drums), and Jeff Chimenti (keyboards).

Did the Grateful Dead play at Woodstock?

Grateful Dead Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia performing at the Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, New York on August 16, 1969. Grateful Dead may have been one of the more famous performers at Woodstock, but their set didn’t exactly knock it out of the park.

What are the Grateful Dead bears called?

dancing bearsI was always at home when I was at a Dead show. From the mouth of the (late/great) Bear himself: I am often asked about the origin of the so-called “dancing bears” which were commonly seen around GD shows. The little bears found in the form of stickers and stuffed dolls are taken from Bob Thomas’ album cover art.

Is it the Grateful Dead or Grateful Dead?

Grateful Dead, byname the Dead, American rock band that was the incarnation of the improvisational psychedelic music that flowered in and around San Francisco in the mid-1960s.

What is Jerry Garcia’s net worth?

Jerry Garcia net worth: Jerry Garcia was an American musician who had a net worth of $20 million at the time of his death on August 9, 1995. He was best for being a co-founder of the Grateful Dead.

How many Grateful Dead shows are there?

There isn’t recordings of all of them, but I’m pretty sure most (if not every) show is listed on 2314 shows from 65-95, according to Deadbase. If you have the energy to match Deadbase to archive, more power to you.

Are the Grateful Dead still touring?

Dead & Company — original Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir, with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti — today announced dates for their month-long Summer Tour 2020. … The dates are the only These 17 shows are the only headline tour dates Dead & Company will play in 2020!

How many times did the Grateful Dead play?

Grateful Dead Live RecordingsSONG TITLELive Rec’sTimes PlayedNot Fade Away95531Jack Straw92473Truckin’89519Big River7939773 more rows

How long was the average Grateful Dead concert?

3 hoursThe Grateful Dead played a total of 2,318 concerts. Though each Grateful Dead concert was different, the average length of time for a Grateful Dead concert was 3 hours. Calculate approximately how many hours the Grateful Dead played in all.

How much is the Grateful Dead worth?

Bob WeirNet Worth:$60 MillionDate of Birth:Oct 16, 1947 (73 years old)Gender:MaleProfession:Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Film Score Composer, Actor, MusicianNationality:United States of America1 more row

Why did Mickey Hart leave the dead?

[Hart left the band in 1971 after his father, who briefly managed the Dead, embezzled money from the group. He returned in 1974.] … I left because of personal reasons, which had nothing to do with the band really. It wasn’t a very pleasant time for me, it wasn’t a happy time.

How much did the Grateful Dead make per concert?

By adding up the value of each section, we can estimate that the Grateful Dead sold out Soldier Field for roughly $6.1 Million per night.

What is Phil Lesh net worth?

How much is Phil Lesh Worth? Phil Lesh Net Worth: Phil Lesh is an American rock musician who has a net worth of $50 million dollars. Phil Lesh is most widely recognized as the bass player for the hugely popular band, The Grateful Dead. He is also a founding member of the group, which disbanded in 1995.

Why does the Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt have 13 points?

The 13-point lightning bolt was derived from a stencil Stanley created to spray-paint on the Grateful Dead’s equipment boxes (he wanted an easily identifiable mark to help the crew find the Dead’s equipment in the jumble of multiple bands’ identical black equipment boxes at festivals).