How Old Is Johnny Tannerites?

Where do the Tannerites live?

The Tannerites are known as the YAWI Family and live in Utah not Colorado.

The Tannerites do not live in Colorado but they live in Utah according to their PO BOX address..

Does Branson Tannerites have a girlfriend?

Family Life His parents are Sarah and Johnny. In 2020, he got engaged to his fiancée Mara, and the two wed later that year.

What is Allie Tannerites real name?

Alexia TannerFamily Life Her real name is Alexia Tanner. She is the older sister of Daniell, Savannah, Lizzy, Az, and Canyon.

How much are the Tannerites worth?

Tannerites Net Worth – $1.5 Million The main content is family vlogs which feature highlights of the day to day lives of the family.

Are the Tannerites homeschooled?

Homeschool has always been a topic of conversation in our home. Now, all of our kids are homeschooled. … As much work as it is, we are loving the flexibility it gives them to work in their own environment and at their own speed.

Is Branson married?

Joan Templemanm. 1989Kristen Tomassim. 1972–1979Richard Branson/Spouse

Who is oldest Tannerite?

The Tannerites WikiBranson : 22 years old (b. March 11, 1998)Alexia “Allie” : 19 years old (b. September 9, 2001)Daniell : 16 years old (b. May 30, 2004)Savannah : 12 years old (b. October 30, 2007)Elizabeth “Lizzy” : 11 years old (b. September 7, 2009)Azbury “Az” : 8 years old (b. June 4, 2012)Canyon “Gego” : 6 years old (b.

How much money does YAWI vlogs make?

Yawi Vlogs is a family channel that features a family of 9 living in Utah, United States. They have generated an estimated net worth of $1.1 million from the platform.

What is the Tannerites phone number?

Contact Tannerite – Binary Exploding Rifle Targets – (541) 744-1406.

How old is just Jordan 33?

JustJordan33 was born on 1 May 2002. JustJordan33 is 18 years old.