Is It OK To Attend A Concert Alone?

Should I go to a concert or not?

“Music is the medicine of the mind.” Research says people who go to more concerts are happier and healthier than people who don’t.

Music is not only good for your health, but it’s good for your mind.

Studies have shown that people who attend more concerts have a greater sense of well-being than people who don’t..

Is it weird to go to a concert alone Reddit?

You’re not waiting for other people; you can just go and enjoy the concert in the way YOU choose. As long as you have travel arrangements planned out in advance, you should be fine. It’s not weird. I’ve been to them with people and alone.

How do you make friends at a concert?

How To Make Friends At A ConcertWear clothing and accessories that will start a conversation. … Stop stressing about what strangers will say to you. … Take a lighter with you. … Consider taking a fan or plenty of water with you to share out. … Pretend that you’ve lost your friends to avoid feeling awkward.More items…•

Can I go to a BTS concert alone?

You can go alone but if you feel like you’ll be lonely you can find a kpop Facebook group or a specific Facebook group for that concert and see if you can meet up with some people who are going to the concert and make new friends! Don’t worry.

What do you do at a concert?

To make sure that you have uninterrupted fun at the show, have a look at these 8 things to do at a concert.Arrive Early. … Create Some Space. … Take Some Pictures. … Stay Hydrated. … Make Friends. … Patience Is A Virtue. … Show Some Enthusiasm. … Make Sure You Bring Your Contacts.More items…•

How do I find someone to go to a concert with?

Interest friends maybe chats like omegle or go on instagram and follow fans of your favourite musical artists, if you follow other people who like a band that you like you can pop up and start talking and become friends and then who knows maybe you can invite them to a concert thats kinda long term….OR if you go to …

Should I let my 15 year old go to a concert?

Of course you should. No 15 year old wants to go to what I’d possibly their first concert experience with a parent. At 15, it’s time to start learning to let go of little things you formerly needed to control. Your child is growing up and needs to develop some maturity by doing things alone or with friends.

Can a 10 year old go to a BTS concert?

BTS is for all ages! … Yes, in fact anyone can go to a BTS concert, but only if they have parental guidance. If a 10 year old would like to go to any kpop concert they are aloud to go if their carers allow them to go.

What age is appropriate for a concert?

There are obviously a lot of variables that go into this, but in my opinion, 11 or 12 years-old is ideal. Not only are the children probably fans of the artist and know his or her songs by this age, but they’re able to sit still during the boring wait times and they won’t get too exhausted when the hour gets late.

Is it weird to go to a concert with your parents?

It’s not weird to go to a concert with your parents. At all. You will miss your folks when theyre gone. Spend time and hang out with them as much as you can.

Can a 15 year old go to a concert alone?

As long as the venue is not 18+, there is no minimum age to attend a concert. My parents are allowing me to go to a twenty-one pilots concert, but they are not going. You have to be over 16 to go by yourself (I’m 12), and none of my friends are able to come. … Just ask your parents to take you into the concert.

Is there an age limit to BTS concerts?

For anyone still curious, yes you must be 16 or older to go in yourself but wether or not the arena enforces that honestly depends.

Can a 12 year old go to a BTS concert?

BTS is not ‘just for kids’ but is for everyone – no matter your age. … Parents are often seen attending concerts with their children.

How do you convince your parents to let you go to a concert alone?

Give your parents more information.Let them know if your friends are planning to attend.Let them know if someone is chaperoning.Tell them more about the artist/group and the music.Explain how you plan to pay for the concert.Let them know if there is a designated “parents room” at the venue.