Question: How Old Is Luke Combs Fiance Nicole?

How long were Luke and Nicole together?

Luke Combs first met wife Nicole Hocking in May 2016 while they were both attending the Key West Songwriters Festival.

By September 2016, Luke and Nicole were officially dating; and the country star proposed two years later.

Luke wed wife Nicole on Aug.

1, 2020, and the newlyweds are already enjoying married life..

How old is Nicole Hocking?

26 years oldHow old is Nicole Hocking? (Age) Born in the year 1992, Luke Combs’ wife-to-be Nicole Hocking age is currently 26 years old. Her birthday is on July 22.

Is Luke Combs wife in any of his videos?

Luke Combs shared a nostalgic video for “Lovin’ on You,” the fourth single from his 2019 album, What You See Is What You Get, on Wednesday (September 9). The video, directed by Tyler Adams and produced by Aaron Conner of TA Films, features a cameo from Combs’ wife Nicole Hocking.

How do I meet Luke Combs?

Luke Combs Ticket Information Just dial 866.848. 8499 or use Live Chat to speak with an agent about purchasing Luke Combs tour tickets in the Vivid Seats marketplace. Scroll through all of the Luke Combs What You See is What You Get concert 2020 dates and find the show closes to you.

What is Nicole Hocking famous for?

Quick Facts Of Nicole HockingCelebrated NameNicole HockingEye ColorBlueHair ColorBlondeFamous ForFor working at Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and being a Social Media PersonalityBest Known ForBeing the spouse of famous country music singer and songwriter, Luke Combs26 more rows•Nov 18, 2020

Is Nicole Hocking in Luke Combs video?

Country star Luke Combs has released an official video for his number one hit “Lovin’ On You,” this time giving the song it’s due-video-diligence with a full production and the inclusion of his new wife, Nicole Hocking.

How did Luke Combs meet his fiance?

Luke Combs met his wife Nicole Hocking back in 2016, then proposed to her two years later in 2018 before marrying her in August 2020. … “We were both attending the Key West Songwriters Festival in 2016. Met there and began sating shortly thereafter,” Combs explained.

Did Luke Combs and Nicole break up?

Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking have officially tied the knot. The “Hurricane” and “Beer Never Broke My Heart” singer shared the news on social media on Sunday, August 2. … I got to marry my best friend,” Combs wrote. “I love you @nicohocking, here’s to forever.”

How old is Carly Pearce?

30 years (April 24, 1990)Carly Pearce/Age

Who is Luke Combs girlfriend?

Nicole HockingLuke Combs weds fiancée Nicole Hocking: ‘The best day of my life’ Cue “Beautiful Crazy,” because one of country music’s top hitmakers tied the knot last weekend.

How old is Luke Combs fiance?

Luke Combs’ Wife— Nicole Hocking Combs Fast Facts She was born on July 22, 1992 and is 28-years-old.

Did Luke Combs fiance work Hooters?

He said he was definitely “dating up”. And fun fact for some that don’t know….they didn’t meet while she was working at Hooters…that was just the video. Nicole confirmed they met through mutual friends. She is currently traveling with Luke and couldn’t be more proud of his success.

What is Luke Combs net worth?

As of 2020, Luke Combs’ net worth is $5 million.

How did Luke Combs propose?

Luke explains that he proposed on the day they moved from their apartment to their new house in November 2018. In the original plan, he was going to put the ring on the collar of one of their cats at the new house, and when Nicole saw it, he’d pop the question.

Does Luke Combs have a kid?

The newlyweds may only have been married for a few months, but they’ve been together for four years. Their long relationship has fans wondering if they have any kids. The answer? Yes, but not the human sort.