Question: Is Jet A One Hit Wonder?

Who has the most #1 songs of all time?

The BeatlesThe Beatles have the most No.

1 hits of all time: 20..

What is the most played song of all time?

Shape of You”Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran (pictured) is the most streamed song on Spotify with over 2.6 billion streams.

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top 10 One-Hit Wonders of All TimeChumbawamba – ‘Tubthumping’ … Blind Melon – ‘No Rain’ … The Knack – ‘My Sharona’ … Soft Cell – ‘Tainted Love’ … Big Country – ‘In a Big Country’ … Norman Greenbaum – ‘Spirit In The Sky’ … Dexy’s Midnight Runners – ‘Come on Eileen’ … A-ha – ‘Take on Me’More items…•

Is trapt a one hit wonder?

Trapt – Headstrong (2003) Trapt was headstrong to take on anyone, and it rubbed off on us. Unfortunately for Trapt, Headstrong was their only major success, leaving them destined for one-hit wonder-ness. Still a great workout song, though.

Who is the richest one hit wonder?

The richest one-hit wonders are not necessarily the biggest one-hit wonders (one very big exception)….Which goes to show that being a flash in the pan is no road to riches.1 Psy – Net Worth: $25 Million.2 Billy Ray Cyrus – Net Worth: $20 Million. … 3 Linda Perry – Net Worth: $18 Million (2012)More items…•

Is Panic at the Disco a one hit wonder?

It was now time for Panic’s sophomore album. The band could easily have been a one-hit wonder, but instead of making their second album exactly like the first, they threw everyone for a loop with new songs that were lush and orchestral, full of classic pop methods and a little less eyeliner. Panic!