Question: Was There Any Violence At Woodstock?

Why was Woodstock so bad?

The whole event was chaotic from beginning to end.

So many people flooded into the festival grounds that the promoters had to stop checking tickets and just make the concert free because they were too overwhelmed..

Who was the youngest performer at Woodstock?

Gross was 18, the youngest performer at Woodstock, when he took the stage with Sha Na Na just after sunup on Aug. 18, 1969 — right before Hendrix and his Star-Spangled Banner. Almost exactly 50 years later, he’ll perform at the Nancy and David Bilheimer Capitol Theatre’s Hippiefest on Aug.

Did they clean up after Woodstock?

Most people were pleased in the summer of 1969 at how quickly the debris was cleared away following that summer’s Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in upstate New York. … Half a century on, not everyone is happy about all the post-festival tidying.

Why was Woodstock 99 a failure?

Woodstock 1999 was portrayed by the media as being marred by environmental conditions, violence, sexual assault, allegations of rape, looting, and fires. Festival co-founder Michael Lang has referred to Woodstock ’99 as MTVStock since the original founders had very little (if any) control.

Was Woodstock declared a disaster area?

The festival site was declared a disaster area Hundreds of thousands of people showed up and made their way onto the site, which was hit by rain and mud and a lack of food and drinking water.

What was the biggest problem at Woodstock?

The event was rife with problems: Bands performed hours after they were scheduled (the Who went on at 5 a.m.); an anarchist group tore down the fencing so fans could attend free; two people died (one was run over by a tractor).

Who died at Woodstock 1969?

Richard BielerThere were, however two deaths that marred the atmosphere. Richard Bieler, an 18-year-old Marine due to leave for active service, was found dead of a suspected heroin overdose. However, a volunteer doctor who treated Bieler at the festival said his death was from myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart.

Why did Woodstock 50 fail?

Woodstock 50 planned to hold the festival in upstate New York as well, first at Watkins Glen International racetrack and then at Vernon Downs after Watkins Glen cancelled the contract, citing a missed payment. … So the organizers relocated to the Maryland event space before the festival’s ultimate cancellation.

Did Woodstock 1969 make money?

All told, Roberts, Rosenman, Lang and Kornfeld spent nearly $3.1 million ($15 million in today’s money) on Woodstock—and took in just $1.8 million.

Will Woodstock ever happen again?

Less than a month from when it was supposed to kick off, Woodstock 50 is officially canceled once and for all. Michael Lang, a cofounder of the original three-day concert, pulled the plug after attempting to move the event to Maryland.

How many babies were conceived at Woodstock?

According to TIME, there were two confirmed deaths and two confirmed births during Woodstock. However, the babies born during the festival have never been identified, though one of the doctors who delivered a Woodstock baby believes he met them again as an adult.

How much money was lost at Woodstock?

Before Woodstock was a cultural phenomenon, it was a financial fiasco. Organizers behind the legendary music festival in upstate New York, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer, said they wound up $1.3 million in debt after the historic 1969 event—roughly $9 million in today’s dollars.

Who paid to clean up after Woodstock?

The original promoters paid $50,000 just to clean up Yasgur’s farm after the festival. And most of Woodstock’s current 7,000 residents aren’t eager to see how much clean-up would cost if it were held today.

How many toilets were needed at Woodstock?

But still. At Woodstock, there was one toilet for every 833 people, which means standing in the bathroom line was about 18 and a half times suckier than standing in the bathroom line at a modern stadium, and that’s if you’re only taking into consideration the standing-in-line part.

Was there food at Woodstock?

It just so happens that there were major food shortages at the defining music event of the ’60s, and one of the foods that provided relief was granola. Yes, hippies actually ate granola at Woodstock. Subscribe to HuffPost’s food email. In August 1969, more than 400,000 people attended the three-day festival.

Was there any reported violence at Woodstock?

The festival created massive traffic jams and extreme shortages of food, water, and medical and sanitary facilities. No incidents of violence occurred at the Woodstock festival. Most of the 80 arrests at Woodstock were made on drug charges involving LSD, amphetamines and heroin.

Were there any casualties at Woodstock?

Despite the lack of organization, food, and medical supports, only two people died at the festival — one reportedly from a drug overdose, and one from a tractor driver accidentally running over an attendee who was sleeping in a nearby field. There were no reports of violence.

Were there toilets at Woodstock?

It turns out that there were only 600 toilets available for the estimated 500,000 people who attended the festival on August 15-17, 1969, at Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York. …