Question: What Does WC Mean At The Forum?

Whats an ambulant ticket?

ambulent simply means you can walk, rather than a chair user.

So it means in this case I would say ‘registered disabled’ = in receipt of dla, ‘ambulant’ = able to walk.

Phoned and asked about it and they advised me that they allow them for folk who are registered disabled plus a free carer..

Where is the best place to sit at the Hollywood Bowl?

Hollywood Bowl Super Seats Aside from the Boxes, the Super Seats are the best seats at the Hollywood Bowl. It isn’t the view that sets these seats apart as much as the actual seats, which are padded with seat backs. The location is great as well though, as you are positioned right in the center of the bowl.

What is main concourse seating?

Floor sections for concerts typically have rows with up to 14 seats. Main Concourse level sections (100 level) have rows with up to 23 seats. Club Concourse level sections (200 level) have rows with up to 28 seats. Upper Concourse level sections (400 level) have rows with up to 27 seats.

What is ambulant disabled?

Posted by | 04 July 2018. The term ‘ambulant’ is used to describe a patient who is able to move around and is not confined to a bed or wheelchair. Whilst this does reduce their need for accessibility equipment within a disabled WC, there is still a need for certain supports and other apparatus within the toilet.

Can anyone sit in a semi ambulatory seat?

No, accessible seating is reserved solely for fans with disabilities and their companions. … If you purchased accessible seats in error, please Contact Fan Support.

What is ambulant access?

Ambulant toilets are specifically designed for those with ambulant disabilities that do not require the extra space that is provided by Accessible toilets. Primarily, they are for those that do not require the use of a wheelchair, for example, those with sensory loss, arthritis or require the use of a walking frame.

What does fully ambulant mean?

a. not confined to bed; able or strong enough to walk.

What is an ADA companion seat?

Companion seats shall be equivalent in size, quality, comfort, and amenities to the seating in the immediate area. Companion seats shall be permitted to be movable. 802.4 Designated Aisle Seats. Designated aisle seats shall comply with 802.4.

What is companion seating?

Companion seats remind us that individuals with access requirements have the same right to see a show with their friends as anyone else. With wheelchair seating, it can be a challenge to find a group of seats together for friends to enjoy a night out.

What can you bring to the forum?

In order to provide the smoothest entry and safest experience for everyone in attendance, please read below: – Each fan may carry one bag. – All bags must be made of clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed – 12” x 6” x 12”. (CONT.) – One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag/similar).

Are floor tickets better than seats?

It really depends on what you want the most from your concert experience. … Having seating at a concert is an entirely different experience from being on the floor. The view is better than the middle of the floor but definitely not as good as being center of the front row.

Can you sit in handicap spot at movies?

Regal’s policy states that all theatres are accessible, and all seating with a wheelchair symbol is reserved only for those with disabilities and their companions. AMC Theatre also has designated seats with wheelchair spaces. “Some wheelchair spaces may be available even if the show is sold out,” AMC’s policy says.

What does bowl seating mean?

With bowl seating, there are 77 rows to choose from and these seats are reserved for university students. … The lower bowl consists of rows 1 to 25 while upper bowl consists of rows 28 to 55 and 56 to 77. The 10 level sections range from Section 1 to 28 where each section has rows A-K and 77 seats each.

How are the seats at the Forum?

17,505The Forum/Capacity

Are side view concert seats good?

Seats on the side of the stage can be awful or can be great depending on what you want. If you want to see the entire band all at once with the backdrop behind them then you will hate your seats to the side of the stage. … So side-stage seats can be good or they can be bad, it depends on the venue and your expectations.

What are front row seats called?

What is another word for front-row seat?seatingaccommodationarrangementbalconyorchestrareservationsspacesstallsseating accommodationarrangement of seats3 more rows

How many floor seats does the forum have?

17505 seatsThe seating capacity at The Forum events is around 17505 seats.

What does WC mean on Ticketmaster?

there is no seatWC generally means there is no seat there – it is an open seating area so that a wheelchair can fit there.

Are floor seats at forums good?

The best seats in the renovated LA Forum are the first front rows in floor sections B, C, D. The sharp angles in sections A and E may not be favored by everyone. Lower bowl level sections 109, 110, 111, 126, 127, 128 are very close to the stage and offer great view. Floor sections F, G, H, J, K are also very good.

Where is the best place to sit at the Forum?

Arguably the best seats in the house, the Floor Level Sections are typically the closest seats you can get for L.A. Forum concerts.

What are the best seats to get at a concert?

How to Find the Best Seats for a ConcertGo for Box Seats In the Middle If Possible. … Try to Steer Clear of Rows That Are Directly Below the Overhangs of the Upper Balcony. … Consider Seats At the Upper Level. … Consider Your Height. … Keep In Mind the Expected Crowd Before Going for Floor Seats. … Consider All the Positives and Negatives of Front Row Seats.More items…•