Question: What Is Alice Cooper Famous For?

How old is Alice Cooper now?

72 years (February 4, 1948)Alice Cooper/Age.

Who Is Alice Cooper? Rock musician Alice Cooper formed his first band in high school and by the late 1960s had caught the attention of guitarist Frank Zappa. The group hit it big with several successful albums in the mid-1970s. Cooper went solo in 1974 and continued the success.

What church does Alice Cooper?

The Evangelical Covenant ChurchThe Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) received a video invitation from Phoenix native and legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper.

Does Alice Cooper have children?

Calico CooperDaughterSonora CooperDaughterDashiell CooperSonAlice Cooper/Children

What was Alice Cooper’s biggest hit?

Alice Cooper’s Greatest HitsBe My Lover.School’s Out.Hello Hooray.Elected.No More Mr. Nice Guy.Billion Dollar Babies.Teenage Lament ’74.Muscle of Love.More items…

What is Alice Cooper’s real name?

Vincent Damon FurnierAlice Cooper/Full name

When did Alice Cooper get married?

March 20, 1976 (Sheryl Goddard)Alice Cooper/Wedding dates

Why did Alice Cooper band break up?

Cooper said there was disagreement over how much money to sink back into stage shows, which had become costly. Bruce contends that Buxton’s issues with substance abuse, which at one time led him to pull a switchblade on the band’s tour manager, likely hastened the breakup. The breakup was made public in 1975.

Who did Alice Cooper sing for?

Alice CooperHollywood VampiresSince 2015Alice Cooper/Music groups

What’s Alice Cooper’s net worth?

Alice Cooper Net Worth: Alice Cooper is an American rock singer, songwriter, and musician who has a net worth of $50 million.

Who was Alice Cooper’s dad?

Ether Moroni FurnierAlice Cooper/Fathers

Is Alice Cooper a band or a person?

Alice CooperHollywood VampiresSince 2015Alice Cooper/Music groups

Is Alice Cooper Native American?

3. In addition to his European ancestry, Cooper is also part Sioux Indian.

What is Alice Cooper doing now?

Alice Cooper was born Vincent Damon Furnier, in Detroit, Michigan, the son of a minister. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona, at a young age and still lives in the state today.

Is Alice Cooper married?

Sheryl Goddardm. 1976Alice Cooper/SpouseAlice Cooper has said he has made a death pact with his wife Sheryl Goddard. The veteran rock star, 71, and Goddard, 61, have been married for more than 40 years, and he said they could not live without each other.