Question: What Is The Grateful Dead’S Biggest Hit?

Truckin’ Grateful Dead.

Peaked at #64 on 12.24.1971.Uncle John’s Band.

The Grateful Dead.

Peaked at #69 on 9.18.1970.Alabama Getaway.

Grateful Dead.

Peaked at #68 on 7.18.1980..

Did the Grateful Dead ever have a number one hit?

Chart performance “Touch of Grey” reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaked at number one on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. “Touch of Grey” is the band’s only recording to ever reach the Top 40 on the Hot 100.

What was the Grateful Dead’s first song?

With a cover designed by psychedelic artist Stanley Mouse, The Grateful Dead was released on March 17, 1967. Although “The Golden Road” flopped as a single, the debut LP received a rapturous response in the Bay Area, pushing the record to No. 73 on the chart.

How many Top 40 hits did the Grateful Dead have?

Also of note is that 43 of their 100 total albums which have made it to the Billboard 200 have managed to crack the Top 40. Over the years, the band has landed only six total singles on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, with their highest-charting release coming when 1987’s “Touch of Grey” peaked at No. 6.

How many Grateful Dead members have died?

Welnick is the fourth keyboard player from the Grateful Dead to have died. Founding vocalist and keyboard player Ron ‘Pigpen’ McKernan, a heavy drinker, died of liver failure in 1973. Then, Keith Godchaux died in a car accident in 1980 and Brent Mydland died in 1990 of a drug overdose.

What makes the Grateful Dead so good?

They also played an astounding 500 different documented songs during their legendarily improvised concert sets. They also were pioneers and innovators for concert sound. One of the reasons the Grateful Dead was so popular live is because the band just sounded so much better than any other live band.