Question: What Is The Net Worth Of Rhonda Vincent?

Who is Rhonda Vincent married to?

Herb Sandkerm.

1983Rhonda Vincent/Spouse.

How old is Rhonda Vincent?

58 years (July 13, 1962)Rhonda Vincent/Age

Does Rhonda Vincent have a son?

Born on July 13, 1962, in Kirksville, MO; daughter of Johnny and Carolyn Vincent; married Herb Sandker, December 24, 1983; children: Sally, Tensel.

Where does Rhonda Vincent live?

Gospel DVD. In a 2011 interview with television station KTVO Vincent announced that she and her band had recently filmed a live all-gospel DVD at a church in her hometown of Greentop, Missouri.

Who is Rhonda Vincent’s mother?

Carolyn VincentRhonda Vincent/Mothers

Is Rhonda Vincent still married?

I am Rhonda Vincent. I’m happily married 36 years and love my husband.

What is Rhonda Vincent’s brother’s name?

Darrin VincentBrian VincentRhonda Vincent/Brothers

Are Dailey and Vincent married?

Vincent says they are opposites in many ways. Vincent prefers to live in the Tennessee countryside with his wife, four children and dogs. He handles the logistics of the band’s touring schedule. Dailey lives in Nashville, is not married and doesn’t have children.