Question: What Singer Has The Most Expensive Tickets?

What is the most expensive concert ticket ever?

Most Expensive Concert TicketsThe Rolling Stones- $624.

This half a century old band is only old at age and not at heart.

One Direction- $420.

This recent and nascent band has climbed the ladder of success very quickly.

Maroon 5 – $364.

Eagles- $354.

Justin Timberlake- $339.Roger waters- $314.Beyonce – $282.Fletwood Mac- $282.More items….

Who is the most expensive artist to see in concert?

10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give The Most Expensive Concerts1 Lady Gaga ($420.49 Average Price)2 Celine Dion ($354.98 Average Price) … 3 Justin Timberlake ($339 Average Price) … 4 Beyonce ($294 Average Price) … 5 Pink ($270 Average Price) … 6 Katy Perry ($243 Average Price) … 7 Elton John ($189.12 Average Price) … 8 Ariana Grande ($187.88 Average Price) … More items…•

How hard is it to get BTS tickets?

It’s honestly pretty hard. On TicketMaster, you should make sure you have an account, and then log in AT LEAST thirty minutes before the tickets go on sale. TicketMaster will automatically (and randomly) place you in a queue, and those queues can be longgg. Sometimes people have over 2000 people in front of them.

Do Super Bowl tickets get cheaper closer to the game?

It’s almost universally true that as game day gets closer, the cheaper Super Bowl tickets become. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, and ticket prices can vary based on factors like weather, location, and the team match-up itself.

What is BTS salary?

As a group, BTS is estimated to be worth around $45 to $60 million. Much of BTS’s money comes from music sales, touring, and endorsement deals with global companies like Hyundai and Samsung. Additionally, BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, recently went public, which has helped increase BTS’s net worth tremendously.

Do BTS tickets get cheaper?

Will BTS Tickets Get Cheaper? The prices of BTS tickets depend on where the concert is being held and when they are performing. No need to wait around for prices to fluctuate and get your tickets on CheapTickets.

What is the fastest sold out concert ever?

The EXO’luxion2015 Concert (South Korea) – EXO Planet #2 – The EXO’luxion sold out (67,040 tickets) in 20 minutes, which was a record-breaking and at a time was the fastest sold-out concert in the world, though EXO breaks the world record again in 2017 with their new concert tour.

What are the most expensive tickets?

These Are Some Of The Most Expensive Sporting Tickets Of All TimeFloyd Mayweather JR Versus Conor McGregor, 2017. … Game five of the NBA finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, 2017. … The Masters PGA 2013. … Germany versus Argentina, 2014 World Cup Final. … Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. … Andy Murray versus Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon Men’s Final 2013.More items…•

How much is the most expensive BTS ticket?

Tickets for every U.S. show are sold out, and prices are soaring on secondary markets. According to data available to secondary ticket marketplace TicketCity, the most expensive single ticket sold so far went for $3,849.38.

Who has sold the most concert tickets ever?

Ed Sheeran ‘÷ Tour’ “Sheerios” obsessed with the English singer-songwriter’s syrupy-sweet ditties bought an estimated 8.9 million tickets, leading to his crowning as the all-time king of concert cash.

Why are concerts so expensive?

Yes, concert ticket prices are rising. According to the Fader, they’re outpacing inflation by a lot — that’s because shows are getting elaborate and there are tons of vendors to pay, but even with the price of tickets, sometimes, really big artists don’t break even! Kid Rock took a pay cut. Muse loses money on tour.

How much will BTS tickets cost?

Typically, BTS tickets can be found for as low as $141.00, with an average price of $299.00.

How much were Led Zeppelin tickets in the 70s?

Our tickets for Led Zeppelin cost $10.50 . We had two seats in the lodge section which was the lowest section in the arena. The tickets were red with a complex design printed behind the Led Zeppelin name to help protect against counterfeiting.

How much are the cheapest Super Bowl tickets?

How much are Super Bowl tickets in 2020? With it being the most widely viewed sporting event in most years, Super Bowl tickets don’t come cheap. Currently, the cheapest ticket you can find is roughly $4,100 on StubHub with the next-cheapest within $300. NFL Ticket Exchange’s lowest ticket price was $4,770 on Jan.

Who has the largest concert ever?

legend Rod StewartMusic legend Rod Stewart holds the current world record for the biggest gig of all time — in 1994, he also performed on Copacabana Beach to to a staggering 3.5 million people celebrating New Year’s Eve.

What band has sold the most concert tickets of all time?

Highest-grossing tours of all time The Rolling Stones, had claimed the highest-grossing tour multiple time, with the latest being A Bigger Bang Tour (currently the fourth).

How much do Super Bowl tickets cost 2020?

Super Bowl LIV ticket cost: $4,220 to $60,000 And that can be pricey. The average price per ticket is about $7,000, according to StubHub’s analysis of tickets resold through their site, although the cheapest seats have been trending down in the last week. As of the morning of Jan.

Who is the #1 selling artist of all time?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 257.7 million certified sales. Second is Elvis Presley with almost 207 million sales, followed by Michael Jackson with 169.7 million.