Question: Where Is Tanner Malmedal From?

How tall is Fred?

5 ft 5″J-Fred definitely.

How tall is 5 ft 5″ compared to him?.

Who is Sam from Battle Universe dating?

actor Ryan McCartenShe is currently dating actor Ryan McCarten.

Who is J Fred’s girlfriend?

Amber RhuleJ-Fred girlfriend – Amber Rhule – Wattpad.

Where is hi5 located?

San Franciscohi5 is a social networking service based in San Francisco, California.

Who is J Fred married to?

KellyHe married his wife Kelly in 2019.

How old is Sam universe?

Samantha Fekete was born on July 11, 1999, in London, England.

Who is PaulGG?

He has his own YouTube channel called PaulGG. He is engaged to Jen Owen. Paul recently started streaming on Twitch. He also started another channel called Not Paulgg were he plays games like Minecraft.

What is Matthias’s real name?

Matthew FredrickMatthew Fredrick, or better known as Matthias, is a Los Angeles YouTuber with a total of 7.33M subscribers over his 3+ channels.

How old is Mathias?

Facts of MatthiasDate of Birth :1988-09-20Age :30 years oldFamily Name :Matthew FredrickBirth Place :Los Angeles, CA6 more rows•Dec 7, 2018

How old is Fred?

29 years (October 16, 1991)J-Fred/Age

Who is Sam from team edge?

Samantha ‘Sam’ Fekete is an employee at Hi5 Studios. She worked on Battle Universe, and she started her own channel called Totally Trendy.

Is J Fred and Bobby cousins?

Family Life He is the cousin of Matthias and J-Fred.

Who owns hi5?

OmneityMatthias is the owner of the parent company Omneity which owns Hi5 Studios. Hi5 Studios is a YouTube Network currently owning 3 channels.

Who is Tanner Malmedal?

Lee Malmedal is a producer for REKT [1]. He now appears on the many channels of Hi5 Studios. He is one of the co-talent for the channel, Dope or Nope.