Question: Who All Died From Moesha?

Is The Bernie Mac Show a spin off of Moesha?

It was not a spin-off.

The only spinoff of Moesha was The Parkers..

Does Netflix have Moesha?

‘Sister, Sister,’ ‘Moesha,’ ‘Girlfriends,’ more classic, Black-led series head to Netflix. Beloved series with Black stars will be available on Netflix soon. … “Go home, Roger,” Tamera Mowry-Housley said, reviving the “Sister, Sister” catchphrase.

Is Merlin Santana dead?

Deceased (1976–2002)Merlin Santana/Living or Deceased

Is Kim Parker still alive?

DeceasedKim Parker/Living or Deceased

Did Ms Parker marry the professor?

Parker finally married the professor Ogleve.

Who was Moesha’s boyfriend?

Quinton ‘Q’ BrooksRomance. During the series, Moesha’s biggest love is Quinton ‘Q’ Brooks. Moesha and Q were on/off throughout the series. Q was eventually written out of the show but later Moesha and Q became engaged until Q wanted to pawn Moesha’s engagement ring, and when she refused to part with it, he got upset.

What happened to the cast of Moesha?

After a final acting role in the 2005 film Ganked, Yvette sadly died in 2012 at the age of 48 after a battle with cervical cancer. After Moesha wrapped, Lamont continued playing Hakeem in a few episodes of spinoff The Parkers. … The father of two died in a car accident in January 2005 at the age of 31.

Who is pregnant on Moesha?

Lamont Bentley), a mysterious pregnancy test found in Moesha’s dorm room revealed positive results and Myles was kidnapped by a rival of Dorian (portrayed by Ray J).

How did andell die?

Actress Yvette Wilson, best known for her role as Andell Wilkerson on the hit 90s sit-com “Moesha” and later, its spinoff, “The Parkers,” has died, CNN reports. She was 48. The Los Angeles-born actress succumbed to cervical cancer after a variety of medical problems.

How old is R&B Brandy?

Brandy NorwoodBrandyBornBrandy Rayana Norwood February 11, 1979 McComb, Mississippi, U.S.Other namesB Rocka Bran’NuOccupationSinger songwriter actress model record producerYears active1993–present12 more rows

Why did Countess leave the Parkers?

Adding to the pressures of her career was the difficult relationship she shared with Vaughn during their time on the show and her attempt to try and maintain the fictional level of perfection her Moesha character upheld. Brandy quit the show after the sixth season and she and Vaughn rarely spoke of each other publicly.

How many cast members from Moesha died?

FourFour Major Cast Members Have Died Since the Show Ended. Almost every ’90s kid remembers the beloved family sitcom Moesha.

Who died from the show The Parkers?

Actress Yvette WilsonActress Yvette Wilson, the stand-up comedian and actress best known for her roles on the sitcom “Moesha” and its spinoff, “The Parkers,” died Thursday at age 48 after a battle with cervical cancer.

Why did Moesha get Cancelled?

The series was syndicated, and still airs around the world. … According to EW, UPN cancelled Moesha because of poor ratings; however, at the time, UPN’s plan was to address the pregnancy cliffhanger in the spin-off series The Parkers, which premiered on the network in 1999.

How did Lamont Bentley?

Bentley was traveling alone on the 118 Freeway near Simi Valley shortly after midnight when he headed for the Rocky Peak Fire Road offramp at a high speed, witnesses told authorities. … Bentley was pronounced dead at 12:23 a.m. An autopsy concluded that he died of multiple blunt force injuries.

Where is Lamont Bentley?

A memorial service for Bentley was held at the Serenity Funeral Home in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 24, 2005. He was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills.

Who murdered Merlin Santana?

Damien Andre GatesDamien Andre Gates, 21, was convicted of first-degree murder in the slaying and sentenced in February to 70 years to life in prison. The three were arrested soon after the killing of Santana. Prosecutors said that Santana and a friend had been at a nearby home with King the night of the murder.

How was Moesha supposed to end?

After five years on TV, it ended with a major cliffhanger that fans still are not over to this day. The finale saw Moesha moving in with Hakeem, a pregnancy test being discovered in her dorm room, and someone kidnapping Moesha’s brother Miles.