Question: Who Got Jerry Garcia’S Money?

Who was Jerry Garcia married to when he died?

Carolyn Adams Garcia, 50, of Eugene, Ore., has sued to get her $5 million divorce agreement restored.

Deborah Koons Garcia, 47, of Mill Valley, the widow and third wife of Jerry Garcia, cut off the $20,883 monthly payments to Carolyn Garcia after the musician died in August 1995..

Is Phil Lesh sick?

(CNN) Phil Lesh, who was bassist for the rock band Grateful Dead, canceled two concerts after revealing he has bladder cancer.

How much money did the Grateful Dead make touring?

Dead & Company’s 2019 Tour Biggest To Date, Grosses Over $40 Million.

Does the Grateful Dead still tour?

Dead & Company — original Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir, with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti — today announced dates for their month-long Summer Tour 2020. … The dates are the only These 17 shows are the only headline tour dates Dead & Company will play in 2020!

How much did Jerry Garcia’s Tiger guitar sell for?

30, 2012 11:01 a.m. Two of Jerry Garcia’s custom guitars — fought over in a lawsuit last year between the Grateful Dead and guitarmaker Doug Irwin — sold for more than $1.74 million to two anonymous buyers at a New York auction last night. Tiger — a guitar Garcia played for 11 years — went for $850,000.

When did John Mayer play Wolf?

June 23On June 23 at Citi Field in NYC, John Mayer played Jerry Garcia’s famous Wolf guitar onstage with Dead & Company. This was the first time Mayer performed with one of Garcia’s instruments.

Who owns Jerry Garcia’s?

Brian HalliganHe sold it to HubSpot co-founder Brian Halligan in 2017 for $1.9 million.

When was the last Grateful Dead concert?

July 9, 1995The Grateful Dead performed their final concert on July 9, 1995 at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Who inherited Jerry Garcia’s estate?

When Grateful Dead legend Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack in 1995 at age 53, he left his assets to his third wife, three daughters by two ex-wives, a fourth daughter by a former girlfriend, and a step-daughter, among other beneficiaries.

What was Jerry Garcia worth when he died?

The infamous Grateful Dead guitarist died of a heart attack in 1995 while recovering in a drug treatment center. At the time of his death, his estate was valued at $15 million, and he was earning more than $2 million a year.

How much is Phil Lesh worth?

Phil Lesh Net Worth: Phil Lesh is an American rock musician who has a net worth of $50 million dollars. Phil Lesh is most widely recognized as the bass player for the hugely popular band, The Grateful Dead.

What is Jerry Garcia’s net worth?

Jerry Garcia net worth: Jerry Garcia was an American musician who had a net worth of $20 million at the time of his death on August 9, 1995. He was best for being a co-founder of the Grateful Dead.

Does Phil Lesh sing?

Lesh was not a prolific composer or singer with the Grateful Dead, although some of the songs he contributed or co-wrote (including “New Potato Caboose”, “Box of Rain”, “Truckin'”, “Unbroken Chain” and “Pride of Cucamonga”) are among the best known in the band’s repertoire.

What was Jerry Garcia’s favorite guitar?

RosebudRosebud immediately became Jerry’s main guitar for all but Jerry Garcia Band shows, where he still played Tiger for another year.