Question: Who Wrote The Song I Don’T Want To Miss A Thing?

Who wrote the song I don’t want to miss a thing?

Diane WarrenI Don’t Want to Miss a Thing/Composers.

What movie did Aerosmith make the song I don’t want to miss a thing for?

Armageddon: The AlbumArmageddon/Soundtracks

What album is I don’t want to miss a thing on?

I Don’t Want to Miss a ThingI Don’t Want to Miss a Thing/AlbumThe story behind the song: I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. As Aerosmith began work on their 12th album, the appropriately titled Nine Lives, from the outside at least they looked to be in the best shape in quite some time.

What age is Steven Tyler?

72 years (March 26, 1948)Steven Tyler/Age

Who wrote you take my breath away?

Freddie MercuryYou Take My Breath Away/Lyricists

How much is Diane Warren Worth?

Diane Warren Net Worth: Diane Warren is an American songwriter who has a net worth of $60 million. Born September 7, 1956 in Van Nuys, California, Diane Warren was the first songwriter in the history of Billboard to have seven hits, all by different artists, on the singles chart at the same time.

Who sang Take My Breath Away from Top Gun?

BerlinTake My Breath Away/Artists

How old is Aerosmith?

Members include Jimmy Crespo (group member, 1979-84), guitar; Rick Dufay (group member, 1982-84), guitar; Tom Hamilton (born on December 31, 1951, in Colorado Springs, CO), bass; Joey Kramer (born on June 21, 1950, in New York, NY), drums; Joe Perry (born on September 10, 1950, in Boston, MA), lead guitar; Steven Tyler …

Who wrote Dream on?

AerosmithSteven TylerDream On/Lyricists

What does it mean when someone takes your breath away?

: to make someone feel surprised and excited The beautiful new theater took my breath away.

When was I don’t want to miss a thing released?

1998I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing/Released

Who sang I don’t want to miss a thing?

AerosmithI Don’t Want to Miss a Thing/Artists

How old is Liv Taylor?

43 years (July 1, 1977)Liv Tyler/Age

Who wrote Aerosmith’s songs?

List of songs recorded by AerosmithSongWriter(s)Original release”Get a Grip”Joe Perry Steven Tyler Jim VallanceGet a Grip”Get It Up”Joe Perry Steven TylerDraw the Line”Get the Lead Out”Joe Perry Steven TylerRocks”Girl Keeps Coming Apart”Joe Perry Steven TylerPermanent Vacation87 more rows

How many times does take my breath away play in Top Gun?

Here’s my tally of how many times each song appeared in the movie. Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” – Three times. Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” – Four times. Kenny Loggins’ “Playing With The Boys” – One epic time.

Who did the music for Armageddon?

Trevor RabinArmageddon/Music composed byTop reviews from the United States Has a small piece of the Armageddon theme by composer Trevor Rabin at the end , but the sound lacks dynamics .

Can Liv Tyler sing?

Tyler is also a singer, having sung with composer Howard Shore. She appeared as guest vocalist on The Lemonheads’ album Varshons (2009), singing a cover of the Leonard Cohen song “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”.