Question: Who Wrote Your Man?

Who sings with Chris Stapleton on more of you?

Morgane Stapleton (née Hayes), is an American singer-songwriter and the wife of Chris Stapleton.

She performs background, harmony and duet vocals in Stapleton’s band and was instrumental in the creation of his debut album Traveller..

Who wrote the difference between whiskey and you?

Chris StapletonLee Thomas MillerWhiskey and You/Composers

When did Stand By Your Man come out?

1969Stand By Your Man/Released

What happened to Josh Turner crew?

Josh Turner Crew Members File Lawsuit After Fatal Bus Crash 18, 2019, when the bus left the road and plunged off a cliff before landing in a dry river bed. … Six other members of Turner’s crew suffered moderate to major injuries, and Dratnol was also treated for injuries.

Is Josh Turner still married?

Josh Turner’s wife Jennifer Ford Turner stole his heart while the pair were in college and have been married for seventeen years now! … Fans can also spot Jennifer starring in her husband’s 2010 “I Wouldn’t Be a Man” and 2005 “Your Man” music videos.

What is Josh Turner worth?

$17 millionJosh Turner net worth: Josh Turner is an American country music singer and actor and has a net worth of $17 million.

Who sang Fly Me to the Moon?

Count BasieFly Me To The Moon/Artists

Who is the richest country singer?

Top 10 Richest Country Singers Net Worths# 8. … # 7. Kenny Chesney – $219 Million Net Worth. … # 6. George Strait – $327 Million Net Worth. … # 5. Garth Brooks – $335 Million Net Worth. … # 4. Taylor Swift -$375 Million Net Worth. … # 3. Shania Twain – $420 Million Net Worth. … # 2. Toby Keith – $515 Million Net Worth. … # 1. Dolly Parton – $590 Million Net Worth.More items…

Who sang your My man in 1971?

Lynn Anderson”You’re My Man” is a song written by Glenn Sutton. The song was a popular No. 1 country hit by country artist Lynn Anderson from 1971.

Who is Josh Turner’s dad?

Joe TurnerJosh Turner/Fathers

Who is Josh Turner country singer?

Joshua Otis Turner (born November 20, 1977) is an American country music and gospel singer-songwriter, and actor. In 2003, he signed to MCA Nashville Records. That same year, his debut album’s title track, “Long Black Train”, was his breakthrough single release.

Who is Josh Turner married to?

Jennifer Fordm. 2003Josh Turner/Spouse

What happened with Josh Turner?

The fatal accident happened in Shandon, California, after Turner performed a concert in nearby Paso Robles. The bus left the road for unknown reasons then continued along a dirt shoulder before smashing through a fence and plunging off a 50-foot cliff, the California Highway Patrol said.

Who sang Living on a Prayer?

Bon JoviLivin’ On A Prayer/Artists

Who all sang Stand By Your Man?

Tammy WynetteStand By Your Man/Artists

Who did Chris Stapleton wrote for?

As of 2018, Stapleton has amassed credits writing and co-writing over 170 songs. He has co-written six number-one country songs including Kenny Chesney’s five-week number-one “Never Wanted Nothing More”, Josh Turner’s “Your Man”, George Strait’s “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright”, and Luke Bryan’s “Drink a Beer”.

What does it mean to stand by your man?

sticking by your manThe song is about sticking by your man no matter his indiscretions: You’ll have bad times, and he’ll have good times. Doin’ things that you don’t understand. But if you love him, you’ll forgive him. Wynette said that she wrote the song in 15 minutes and spent a lifetime defending it.

How old is Josh Turner now?

42 years (November 20, 1977)Josh Turner/Age

Who first sang your man?

Josh Turner”Your Man” is a song recorded by American country music artist Josh Turner. It was released in August 2005 as the lead-off single and title track from his album of the same name. The fourth chart single of his career, it became his first number one hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in early 2006.