Question: Why Is Brad Paisley A Browns Fan?

Why does Brad Paisley like the Cleveland Browns?

When he’s not contributing to his incredible music career, he is watching sports.

Paisley once said in an interview that one of his sports fantasies was to play for the Browns..

What are Browns fans called?

How the Dawg Pound Got Its Name. The Dawg Pound is the section of the Browns stadium reserved for the most dedicated and wild Browns fans. People who hang out in this section are those who are most likely to dress up like dogs or Brownie the Elf, probably drink a lot of beer, and jeer the opponent wildly.

When Arthur McBride formed the Browns in 1946, the team held a contest not only to name the team but to come up with a mascot. … As a result, the team decided that the helmet would have no logo – in fact, the helmet itself is the logo, in modern times. However, the story of the Browns’ logo doesn’t end here.

Is Brad Paisley from Ohio?

Country music singer and songwriter Brad Douglas Paisley was born on October 28, 1972, in Glen Dale, West Virginia. Paisley’s passion for music began at age 8, when his grandfather gave him his first guitar.

Is Brad Paisley really a Browns fan?

Paisley, a three-time Grammy winner, became a Browns fan as young boy when he became enamored with former Browns quarterback Brian Sipe. He dressed up as the Kardiac Kids’ QB for Halloween at least three times growing up. In the video above, hear Paisley talk about his love of the Browns.