Quick Answer: Are The Tannerites Related To 8 Passengers?

Are 8 passengers a real family?

Though 8 Passengers is a family account, Ruby appears to run the account, and most of the videos do not feature Kevin Franke.

The comments section on the 8 Passengers’ videos has also been disabled..

Where do the Tannerites live now?

The Tannerites are known as the YAWI Family and live in Utah not Colorado.

What is Allie Tannerites real name?

Alexia TannerHer real name is Alexia Tanner. She is the older sister of Daniell, Savannah, Lizzy, Az, and Canyon.

How old is Vy?

Vy Qwaint is 34 years old.

Is Shari Franke married?

Shari Franke’s relationship status is single.

How much does Ellie and Jared make?

Ellie and Jared Net Worth – $1.5 Million Ellie and Jared Mecham are YouTubers who own the channel Ellie and Jared. The two have an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. This is a family channel whereby the parents vlog about the daily activities of the members of the family.

What age is Chad from 8 passengers?

Where the accusations of child abuse started. The Frankes have nearly 2.5 million subscribers on their channel, which follows the lives of Kevin and Ruby and their six children: Shari, 17, Chad, 15, Abby, 13, Julie, 11, Russell, 8, and Eve, 6.

How old is the Tannerites family?

“We are a family of 9, trying to make the best out of life.

Are Abby and Julie Franke twins?

Family Life She is the fourth oldest child of Kevin and Ruby Franke. Her older siblings are Shari, Chad and Abby, and her younger siblings are Russell and Eve.

What does 8 passengers make?

The channel has over 2.5 million subscribers as of 2020 and has accumulated over 1.2 billion views so far. It is able to get an average of 530,000 views per day from different sources. This should generate an estimated revenue of around $2,600 per day ($950,000 a year) from the ads that run on the videos.

What religion are the 8 passengers?

The Franke family are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Who is Chad Franke?

Chad Franke is a young Internet celebrity and a part of the family who runs “8 Passengers” YouTube channel. Chad was born in 2005 in Seattle but grew up in Utah, and he is one of 6 children of his parents, Ruby and Kevin. Ruby has a brother named Beau whose family also runs a very popular channel on YouTube.

Who is Branson Tannerites dating?

MaraFamily Life In 2020, he got engaged to his fiancée Mara, and the two wed later that year.

How tall are the 8 passengers?

5 feet and 2 inchesAbby FrankeDate of BirthApril 14, 2007EthnicityCaucasianProfessionYouTuberHeight5 feet and 2 inchesRelationship statusSingle5 more rows

What is Chad from 8 passengers Instagram?

🤑Chad🤑 (@8passengers. chad) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is Abby and Julie from 8 passengers twins?

Abby Franke was born on April 14, 2007, in Utah, US. … Abby has two younger sisters, Julie and Eve, and a younger brother, Russell. Many of Abby’s fans believe Julie is Abby’s twin sister, and Abby hates this.

They are related to other family vlogging channels such as 8 Passengers and Deru Crew Vlogs.

What age is Shari Franke?

Shari Franke was born on 3 March 2003. Shari Franke is 17 years old.