Quick Answer: Did Thomas Rhett Adopt A Girl?

What is Thomas Rhett’s real name?

Thomas Rhett Akins, Jr.Thomas Rhett/Full name.

How tall is Thomas Rhett’s wife?

Thomas Rhett’s Wife: Lauren Akins Quick Facts We estimate Lauren Atkins to be 5’8″ tall by looking at several photos of Lauren next to Thomas Rhett. Job: Lauren stars in several of Thomas Rhett’s music videos.

Why did Thomas Rhett adopt?

Why did Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins adopt? They always wanted a big family. In May of 2017, the couple announced that they had officially adopted their daughter, Willa Gray, who was born in 2015. … Lauren first met her daughter in 2016 when she was visiting Uganda with the charity, 147 Million Orphans.

Did Thomas Rhett have a baby?

Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, welcomed baby Lennon Love Akins to the world on Feb. 10. “It was such a joy to watch this little angel be brought into the world,” Rhett wrote on Instagram.

What country singer adopted a black baby?

Country Singer Thomas Rhett Praised For His ‘Cultural Practices’ With Adopted Daughter Willa Gray. Country singer Thomas Rhett, 28, shared an adorable photo of himself with his 3-year-old, Willa Gray, whom he and his wife Lauren Akins adopted from Uganda in May 2017.

Who is Thomas Rhett’s wife?

Lauren Akinsm. 2012Thomas Rhett/Wife

Does Thomas Rhett have a daughter?

Willa Gray AkinsLennon Love AkinsAda James AkinsThomas Rhett/Daughters

Are Thomas Rhett’s parents married?

Both of Rhett’s parents have since divorced and remarried. Rhett has a half-brother through his mother, Tyler Lankford (born April 2005) and another one through his father, Brody James Akins (born March 2020, and thus younger than all three of his nieces).

What is Thomas Rhett’s daughters name?

Willa Gray AkinsLennon Love AkinsAda James AkinsThomas Rhett/Daughters