Quick Answer: How Much Are The Cheapest BTS Tickets?

What is the fastest a concert has sold out?

2015 Concert (South Korea) – EXO Planet #2 – The EXO’luxion sold out (67,040 tickets) in 0.4 seconds, which was a record-breaking and at a time was the fastest sold-out concert in the world, though EXO breaks the world record again in 2017 with their new concert tour..

How can I get BTS tickets fast?

Create a Ticketmaster Account. … Use an app to find where your WiFi/signal is fastest or connect your computer directly to an Ethernet connection. … Use multiple devices. … If available for your venue, use Live Nation in addition to Ticketmaster to try to get tickets.More items…•

What is BTS salary?

As a group, BTS is estimated to be worth around $45 to $60 million. Much of BTS’s money comes from music sales, touring, and endorsement deals with global companies like Hyundai and Samsung. Additionally, BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, recently went public, which has helped increase BTS’s net worth tremendously.

How much is a BTS Fanmeet?

The tickets, which could have been purchased from $50 to $80, have been discovered being sold online at a staggering price of up to $1300.

Is BTS Going on Tour 2020?

BTS on Tour Map Of The Soul Tour will be their biggest North American tour ever and kicks off on April 25, 2020 in Santa Clara. The outing also travels to Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Toronto before wrapping on June 6, 2020 in Chicago.

What is the most sold out concert?

Highest-Grossing Concert Tours of All TimeAC/DC ‘Black Ice World Tour’ … Billy Joel ‘Billy Joel in Concert’ … Roger Waters ‘The Wall Live’ … Coldplay ‘A Head Full of Dreams Tour’ Years: 2016-17. … The Rolling Stones ‘A Bigger Bang Tour. Years: 2005-07. … Guns N’ Roses ‘Not in This Lifetime … Tour’ … U2 ‘360° ‘Tour’ Years: 2009-11. … Ed Sheeran ‘÷ Tour’ Years: 2017-19.More items…•

Can you buy BTS tickets without a membership?

There is an option for non-fanclub members For fans who cannot afford the fanclub membership or simply do not want to join, there is another presale option for BTS fans. With a Ticketmaster account, fans can register for the BTS Verified Fan presale. Unlike the fanclub purchase, this presale registration is free.

How much do BTS tickets cost UK?

Standard tickets are priced at £180, £150, £120, £75 or £55 plus booking fees. Members of the BTS Global Official Fanclub Army will be given early access to tickets with a presale starting at 8am on Wednesday 18 March.

How much are floor seats for BTS?

BTS Floor Seats Currently, the maximum price for BTS tickets is $25060, a price that could apply to the best BTS tickets available.

Is it hard to get BTS tickets?

Originally Answered: Is it easy to buy BTS tickets? It’s honestly pretty hard. On TicketMaster, you should make sure you have an account, and then log in AT LEAST thirty minutes before the tickets go on sale. TicketMaster will automatically (and randomly) place you in a queue, and those queues can be longgg.

How much do BTS front row tickets cost?

So to answer your question, front row tickets for BTS are anywhere from $250-$300+, and if you pay for front section tickets, if its GA there’s no guarantee to get front row.

How much are two BTS tickets?

Typically, BTS tickets can be found for as low as $141.00, with an average price of $299.00.

How much are VIP BTS tickets UK?

They go on general sale at 8:30am on Friday March 8 and are priced at £160 / £130 / £100 / £85 / £65 / £45 plus fees.

How many BTS tickets can you buy?

2 ticketsA maximum of 2 tickets can be purchased per show. Remember, if you are a member you must still register for the presale through Ticketmaster; you will not automatically be entered.

Do BTS tickets get cheaper?

Will BTS Tickets Get Cheaper? The prices of BTS tickets depend on where the concert is being held and when they are performing. No need to wait around for prices to fluctuate and get your tickets on CheapTickets.

How much will BTS 2020 tickets cost?

Ticket PricesUS Dates:Toronto Dates:$185 USD$195 CAD$145 USD$165 CAD$105 USD$120 CAD$75 USD$85 CAD3 more rows•Feb 25, 2020

Do BTS tickets sell out fast?

Tickets for BTS’ first-ever U.S. stadium show sold out Friday (Aug. … BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment, later told Billboard that the tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

Do all BTS concerts sell out?

In news that should surprise no one, BTS sold out all of their North American and European dates for their upcoming stadium tour, Love Yourself: Speak Yourself.