Quick Answer: How Much Will BTS Tickets Cost?

How much do BTS front row tickets cost?

So to answer your question, front row tickets for BTS are anywhere from $250-$300+, and if you pay for front section tickets, if its GA there’s no guarantee to get front row..

Where should I buy BTS albums?

weverse shopYou can buy official bts albums at weverse shop. Its bts official shop and the prices are from 9 to 13–15 U.S dollars.

What does a BTS VIP ticket include?

VIP tickets only score you good seats and being able to attend the sound check before the concert starts. … BTS Floor Seats Sometimes Vivid Seats offers VIP BTS meet and greet tickets, which can cost more than front row seats or floor tickets.

What the most expensive concert ticket?

Check our roundup of 10 of the most expensive concert tickets:The Rolling Stones – $624. We can’t get no satisfaction with paying close to R9000 to see these papas live in concert. … One Direction – $420. … Maroon 5 – $364. … Beyonce – $282. … Fleetwood Mac- $282. … Pink- $270. … Paul McCartney – $241.

How much are the cheapest BTS tickets?

If you’re looking for cheap BTS tickets, tickets can be found for as low as $141.00.

Is BTS Going on Tour 2020?

BTS on Tour Map Of The Soul Tour will be their biggest North American tour ever and kicks off on April 25, 2020 in Santa Clara. The outing also travels to Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Toronto before wrapping on June 6, 2020 in Chicago.

How can I meet BTS?

Guide: 6 ways to see BTS in real lifeGo to a concert. Unless you live in some foreign place unknown to BigHit *cough cough Europe* there would generally be concerts every now and then around your area or in your country or continent. … Attend a fan meeting/signing. … Get a spot in music award shows/interviews. … Be at the airport. … Move to Korea. … HAHAHAHA.

How hard is it to get BTS tickets in Korea?

Yes, way harder than getting into a BTS concert in any other country. … It’s difficult enough getting tickets internationally but imagine trying to get concert tickets in South Korea… Korea has incredibly fast internet speed and so there’s very little trouble with lags, problems connecting.

How much will BTS tickets cost UK?

Tickets will go on sale via Ticketmaster at 8am on Friday 20 March. Standard tickets are priced at £180, £150, £120, £75 or £55 plus booking fees.

Is it hard to get BTS tickets?

Originally Answered: Is it easy to buy BTS tickets? It’s honestly pretty hard. On TicketMaster, you should make sure you have an account, and then log in AT LEAST thirty minutes before the tickets go on sale.

Can BTS have girlfriends?

So while the boys appear single in public, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have a girlfriend. As 2020 wages on, we’re here to look at all the rumored loves of BTS’ lives. While the BTS ARMY is their number one love, there seems to be evidence at least a few of the boys found someone to quarantine with.

What is the most expensive BTS concert ticket?

Tickets for every U.S. show are sold out, and prices are soaring on secondary markets. According to data available to secondary ticket marketplace TicketCity, the most expensive single ticket sold so far went for $3,849.38.

How much does a BTS concert ticket cost in South Korea?

The ticket wasn’t cheap (about 54,000 krw), (if you don’t want to queue in the wee hours of the morning and want to be sure to get a ticket, there are online sites in eng that sells these tickets regularly – I used Trazy!) and I thought not to risk it if it wasn’t confirmed that BTS will perform.

What is BTS salary?

As a group, BTS is estimated to be worth around $45 to $60 million. Much of BTS’s money comes from music sales, touring, and endorsement deals with global companies like Hyundai and Samsung. Additionally, BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, recently went public, which has helped increase BTS’s net worth tremendously.

How much are floor seats for BTS?

BTS Floor Seats Currently, the maximum price for BTS tickets is $25060, a price that could apply to the best BTS tickets available.

How fast do BTS tickets sell out?

BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment, later told Billboard that the tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

How much are BTS tickets 2020 TicketMaster?

Ticket PricesUS Dates:Toronto Dates:$185 USD$195 CAD$145 USD$165 CAD$105 USD$120 CAD$75 USD$85 CAD3 more rows•Feb 25, 2020