Quick Answer: How Old Is Radiojh Audrey In 2019?

How old is Dollastic?

Dollastic was born on June 21, 1987 in New Hampshire, USA..

Who is Audrey radio?

RadioJH Audrey is a popular YouTuber who reviews toys and plays Minecraft. At a time when sales of toys have hit a stagnation due to electronic gadgetsyoungsters like Audrey who review the latest toys on YouTube are in a way helping the toy industry in increasing sales of toys.

Is MicroGuardian married?

Family Life His real name is Ryan Michael. He has been in a relationship with social media star Dollastic, whom he proposed to in April of 2018. They married in January 2019.

What is Dollastic Roblox name?

DollasticDreams, known by her channel name DOLLASTIC PLAYS!, is a Roblox YouTuber with over 641K subscribers. Her group, “DollasticDreams (Dollastic Plays!) Official Group, has over 5K members.

Does RadioJH Audrey have a boyfriend?

More about the relationship RadioJH Auto is currently single.

How old is Audrey nethery?

Audrey Nethery is a 6-year-old girl from Kentucky suffering from Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a life-threatening bone marrow disease. Since her diagnosis, she has undergone 20 blood transfusions due to …

How old is Sally Green gamer?

33 years oldSallyGreenGamerQUICK FACTSDate of BirthApril 13, 1987Place of BirthUnited StatesAge33 years oldHoroscopeAriesApr 13, 1987

What’s wrong with Audrey?

Audrey was 2 months old when doctors diagnosed her with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a rare blood disease that means Audrey doesn’t make enough red blood cells. As a result, she’s on steroids and sometimes has to get blood transfusions. She said Taylor Swift inspired her to start singing.

Why is Audrey nethery so small?

According to the family’s Facebook page, “Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) is a rare blood disorder. … As a result of her DBA, young Audrey has already undergone 20 blood transfusions, and her growth is notably slower than that of other kids, in part, because of the steroids she has to take.

How old is all around Audrey 2020?

How old is AllAroundAudrey?AllAroundAudreyWiki/BioReal NameAudreyNick NameAllAroundAudreyAge20-years oldBirthdayOctober 15, 199919 more rows•Aug 5, 2020

How old is MicroGuardian 2020?

22 yearsMicroGuardian’s age 22 years. His real name is Ryan Michael.

What is gamer Chad’s real name?

Chad AlanChad Alan, better known online as Gamer Chad, is an American Roblox YouTuber and animator.

How old is RadioJH Auto?

RadioJH AutoQUICK FACTSDate of BirthSeptember 21, 2009Place of BirthEugene, OregonAge11 years oldHoroscopeVirgoSep 21, 2009