Quick Answer: Is Juelz Santana Related To Merlin?

What nationality was Merlin Santana?

AmericanMerlin Santana/Nationality.

What did Merlin Santana died of?

November 9, 2002Merlin Santana/Date of death

Who Killed Romeo Santana?

Damien Andre GatesDamien Andre Gates, 21, was convicted of first-degree murder in the slaying and sentenced in February to 70 years to life in prison. The three were arrested soon after the killing of Santana. Prosecutors said that Santana and a friend had been at a nearby home with King the night of the murder.

Did Steve and Regina ever get married?

They got married in 2003, and Robinson was on cloud nine.

What happened to Merlin Santana?

Santana was shot in the head and died immediately. According to a police officer, a 15-year-old girl named Monique King, who was reportedly Gates’ girlfriend at the time, falsely claimed that Santana made sexual advances towards her. This spurred Gates and his friend, Brandon Douglas Bynes to attack Santana.

Does Steve Harvey really play the piano?

The Steve Harvey Show demonstrates his life-long love for music. Steve’s mother was a Sunday school teacher in Cleveland, Ohio and Steve sang in the church choir until college. He plays a singer on The Steve Harvey Show, but Steve can also be seen playing instruments like the saxophone and piano.

What happened to bullethead?

William Lee Scott – Stanley “Bullethead” Kuznocki After the show ended, Scott found roles in films and TV shows like Gattaca, October Sky, Gone in 60 Seconds and Criminal Minds. He continues to act in various TV and film projects.

Did Merlin have a daughter?

When Nimue and Merlin meet in the fifth episode, she asks the wizard why her mother instructed her to bring him the sword. By the end, viewers learn that not only did he and her mother have a relationship, but Nimue is actually Merlin’s daughter.

Who all died on Moesha show?

Next, the widely beloved Bernie Mac (who played Uncle Bernie) passed away in 2008, after suffering from years of health complications at age 50. Finally, Yvette Wilson (who played Andell Wilkerson), died of cervical cancer 11 years after the show ended in 2012. She was only 48 years old when she passed.

Is Merlin Santana dead?

Deceased (1976–2002)Merlin Santana/Living or Deceased

What happened to Lamont Bentley?

Lamont Bentley, who was a regular in the 1990s sitcom “Moesha” and appeared frequently in television and movies, was killed in a car crash, his manager said Wednesday. Bentley died Tuesday night when his vehicle plunged off the San Diego Freeway, manager Susan Ferris said. He was the only person in the vehicle.

Where was Merlin Santana killed?

Los Angeles, California, United StatesMerlin Santana/Place of death

What is Bud from The Cosby Show doing now?

After his tenure as Bud, Deon Richmond went on to star in the short-lived sitcom Getting By, before later landing the role of Jordan Bennett in the last few seasons of Sister, Sister. He’s also been in teen-focused films including Scream 3, Not Another Teen Movie, and Van Wilder: Party Liaison.

What happened to Stanley from The Cosby Show?

Shooting. On November 9, 2002, Santana was murdered while sitting in a car in Los Angeles, California.

DJ Damage (American DJ born by the name Abdul Muhammad), Merlin… DJ Damage (American DJ born by the name Abdul Muhammad), Merlin Santana a.k.a Romeo and Ronreaco Lee are famous people that look alike.