Quick Answer: Is Randy Travis Sick?

What kind of sickness does Randy Travis have?

cardiomyopathyRandy Travis flatlined.

During a serious struggle with cardiomyopathy in 2013, the legendary country singer’s heart stopped beating, and intensive care doctors at a Texas hospital shocked him back to life..

Who is Randy Travis married to?

Mary Davism. 2015Elizabeth Hatcher-Travism. 1991–2010Randy Travis/Spouse

Does Randy Travis have children?

Randy Travis doesn’t have any children of his own and according to his wife, Mary, that’s not because he didn’t want them. Speaking to Taste of Country, Mary explained that Travis’ age difference with his ex-wife, Lib Hatcher, was the largest factor in the singer not having kids.

How much is Randy Travis net worth?

Randy Travis Net Worth: Randy Travis is an American country music singer who has a net worth of $9 million.

When did Randy Travis get married?

March 21, 2015 (Mary Davis)May 31, 1991 (Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis)Randy Travis/Wedding dates

What happen to Randy Travis?

According to USA Today, Randy was actually struggling from congestive heart failure, and suddenly, the legendary country singer’s heart stopped beating. He was treated at a Texas hospital, and ultimately suffered a massive stroke as a result of his heart complications.

Who is the richest country singer?

Top 10 Richest Country Singers Net Worths# 8. … # 7. Kenny Chesney – $219 Million Net Worth. … # 6. George Strait – $327 Million Net Worth. … # 5. Garth Brooks – $335 Million Net Worth. … # 4. Taylor Swift -$375 Million Net Worth. … # 3. Shania Twain – $420 Million Net Worth. … # 2. Toby Keith – $515 Million Net Worth. … # 1. Dolly Parton – $590 Million Net Worth.More items…

Is Randy Travis still married to Mary Davis?

Randy Travis Secretly Got Married The singer, 55, tied the knot on March 21, two years after suffering a serious stroke. The singer, 55, tied the knot on March 21, two years after suffering a serious stroke. — — Surprise! Country icon Randy Travis is married, his rep told ABC News.

He used his real name for a while, even recording an album under it, before adopting the stage name “Randy Ray.” Eventually he changed his stage name to Randy Travis in honor of Merle Travis, one of his musical heroes. Merle Travis passed away in 1983, two years before Randy achieved success with the new moniker.