Quick Answer: What Features On The Back Cover Of History Of The Grateful Dead Volume One Album?

Who has been to the most Grateful Dead shows?

Bill WaltonBill Walton has seen the Dead 850+ times.

Professional basketball legend Bill Walton, who has seen more concerts by The Grateful Dead than almost anyone, will play a major role at the Dead’s upcoming 50th anniversary farewell tour heading to the Bay are and Chicago this summer..

How many Grateful Dead shows are there?

2,300 concertsThe Grateful Dead toured constantly throughout their career, playing more than 2,300 concerts.

What are Grateful Dead followers called?

DeadheadUrban Dictionary defines Deadhead as “a person who greatly enjoys the music of the Grateful Dead and particularly the genius of Jerry Garcia.” But decades ago, a subset of fans cranked up that devotion to a whole new level and began following the band from city to city.

What makes the Grateful Dead different?

But the most essential thing that makes the Dead stand out is that their music is effing amazing. Their music can’t really be categorized. Grateful Dead music is its own category. It includes many standard genres like rock, blues, country, funk, and jazz, but it transcends all of those.

Why does the Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt have 13 points?

Research Owsley Stanley. The 13-point lightning bolt was derived from a stencil Stanley created to spray-paint on the Grateful Dead’s equipment boxes (he wanted an easily identifiable mark to help the crew find the Dead’s equipment in the jumble of multiple bands’ identical black equipment boxes at festivals).

What was the best Grateful Dead show ever?

The Matrix, San Francisco. December 1st, 1966. … Winterland, San Francisco. March 18th, 1967. … Dance Hall, Rio Nido, California. September 3rd, 1967. … Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco. February 14th, 1968. … Dream Bowl, Vallejo, California. … McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas. … Fillmore East, New York. … Harpur College, Binghamton, New York.More items…•

How many Grateful Dead bears are there?

fiveHe was inspired by a generic lead slug for a bear he found in a printer’s box of fonts. There’s five different bears – each one is a different color and drawn in a different marching position. They are arranged in a certain order for the marching positions to flow naturally.

Why are the Grateful Dead so good?

Simply put, the Grateful Dead was a touring juggernaut. … One of the reasons the Grateful Dead was so popular live is because the band just sounded so much better than any other live band. The Grateful Dead were arguably the most important, and most successful live band ever.

Are the Grateful Dead in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The Grateful Dead frontman didn’t show up at his induction, reportedly because he was opposed to the whole idea of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The rest of the Dead disagreed, and they brought a cardboard cut-out of the singer onstage. The 1994 ceremony was full of no-shows.

What was the longest Grateful Dead concert?

Grateful Dead: 5 hours The US rock band gave the longest show of their 1973 tour at Bickershaw Festival in Wigan. The epic set, which convinced a young Elvis Costello – watching from the muddy field – to start his own band, included a 31-minute rendition of their track The Other One.

Why are Grateful Dead fans called Deadheads?

The fan group of the American rock band The Grateful Dead is no exception to this. Formally known as the “Deadheads,” or “Heads” for short, this group is widely known for their heavy consumption of hallucinogenic narcotics, outlandish styles of clothing, and robust obsession with The Grateful Dead and their music.

What does the Grateful Dead bear mean?

A series of stylized dancing bears was drawn by Bob Thomas as part of the back cover for the album History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear’s Choice) (1973). … The bear is a reference to Owsley “Bear” Stanley, who recorded and produced the album.

Who were the original Grateful Dead members?

The Grateful Dead in 1970, clockwise from upper left: Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Mickey Hart and Jerry Garcia.

How do you get Grateful Dead tapes?

Finding Live Grateful Dead Music OnlineBuy the official releases and download the audio files straight from Amazon.com or receive the actual cds through snail-mail. … Listen to music streams from the Live Music Archive as well as Wolfgang’s Vault or you could tune into GD internet radio.More items…

Who drew the Steal Your Face?

Owsley Stanley13. Steal Your Face: Owsley Stanley — the LSD icon who was known as “Bear” in the Dead community — is widely credited for helping to design the band’s “Steal Your Face” (lightning bolt on skull) logo.

Are the Grateful Dead dancing bears copyrighted?

Familiar Grateful Dead logos such as the Skull and Lightning, Skeleton and Roses, Dancing Bears, Space Your Face and Lightning Bolt are the subject of trademark registrations, both in connection with music and also in connection with merchandise.

Who are the Deadheads Grateful Dead?

Members of The Grateful Dead met in Palo Alto, California in 1965 at the height of the counterculture movement of the ’60s. The lineup consisted of Jerry Garcia on lead guitar, Bob Weir on rhythm guitar, Rob “Pigpen” McKernan on keyboard and harmonica, Phil Lesh on bass and Bill Kreutsman on drums.

Who is the lead vocalist of the Grateful Dead?

Jerry GarciaThe original members were lead guitarist and vocalist Jerry Garcia (b. August 1, 1942, San Francisco, California, U.S.—d.