Quick Answer: Who Is Ariana Dating Now?

Is Ariana Grande dating anyone 2019?

Currently, she’s not dating anyone, let alone rumored to be dating anyone.

This could be, understandably, shocking to those who followed her love life before 2019.

If you’ve paid any sort of attention to music news over the last two years, you know that Grande has recently come off a string of high-profile breakups..

Who did Ariana marry?

Pete DavidsonAriana Grande and Pete Davidson, two kids, are reportedly engaged to be married. Us Weekly says it’s so—says they were telling people at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Why did Ariana and Pete break up?

People later reported that the couple officially split after Coachella — but that they had been struggling with their relationship over the past year. … “Ariana was holding Mac together for a long time and it wasn’t a good relationship for her,” the source told Us Weekly.

Who is Pete Davidson dating?

One month after his split from Qualley, Davidson started dating model Kaia Gerber.

When did Ariana start dating Dalton?

A stylized letter F. Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have apparently been a couple for at least 10 months. They were first spotted kissing at a bar in Northridge, California on February 8 — though many reports claim they began quietly dating in January.

Who is with Ariana In stuck with you?

Justin BieberAriana Grande uses ‘Stuck With U’ with Justin Bieber to reveal new boyfriend. Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are raising money for charity with their new song. (CNN) Leave it to Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber to give us a quarantine love song.

Is Ariana Grande dating anyone 2020?

Ariana Grande has officially introduced her new boyfriend, real estate tycoon Dalton Gomez, to the world.

Who Is Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend?

Dalton GomezAll About Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend of 7+ Months.

Who is Billie Eilish dating?

Is Billie Eilish dating anyone? Eilish told GQ for its July/August issue that she’s single. She noted that she is fine with her relationship status and doesn’t see herself getting with anyone in the immediate future.

Who is Selena dating 2020?

Another source later told the outlet that she “chose happiness” over her relationship with Justin. While promoting “Rare” in January of 2020, Selena confirmed to WSJ Magazine that she had been single for more than two years.

Who is the guy with Ariana In stuck with you?

Dalton GomezDalton Gomez Appears in Ariana Grande’s New ‘Stuck With U’ Video & Fans Are Flipping. Stuck with you! The music video for Ariana Grande’s much-anticipated collaboration with Justin Bieber featured a bombshell surprise in its closing moments: Grande adorably slow dancing with luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez.