Quick Answer: Who Was Rhonda Vincent Married To?

Where does Rhonda Vincent live?

In a 2011 interview with television station KTVO Vincent announced that she and her band had recently filmed a live all-gospel DVD at a church in her hometown of Greentop, Missouri..

Who is Rhonda Vincent’s daughter?

Tensel SandkerSally BerryRhonda Vincent/Daughters

Who is Rhonda Vincent’s father?

Johnny VincentRhonda Vincent/Fathers

What is Rhonda Vincent’s net worth?

Rhonda Vincent net worth: Rhonda Vincent is an American bluegrass singer, songwriter, and musician who has a net worth of $3 million.

What is Rhonda Vincent’s brother’s name?

Darrin VincentBrian VincentRhonda Vincent/Brothers

What does Rhonda mean?

good spearThe first etymology suggests Rhonda means “good spear” from the Welsh elements “rhon” (spear) and “da” (good). Alternately, the name may be derived from the Rhondda Valley in South Wales which is said to come from the Old Welsh meaning “noisy” (referring to the River Rhondda).

How old is Ricky Skaggs?

66 years (July 18, 1954)Ricky Skaggs/Age

Who is Rhonda Vincent husband?

Herb Sandkerm. 1983Rhonda Vincent/Husband

Does Rhonda Vincent have a son?

On December 27, 1969, a son was born, Darrin Lee Vincent.

Is Rhonda Vincent a member of the Grand Ole Opry?

The Grand Ole Opry anointed its newest member with the addition of bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent, who was surprised with the honor during Friday night’s festivities.

How old is Darrin Vincent?

50 years (December 27, 1969)Darrin Vincent/Age

Are Dailey and Vincent married?

Vincent prefers to live in the Tennessee countryside with his wife, four children and dogs. He handles the logistics of the band’s touring schedule. Dailey lives in Nashville, is not married and doesn’t have children. … “It’s a good marriage,” Vincent says.

Is Rhonda Vincent still married?

I am Rhonda Vincent. I’m happily married 36 years and love my husband.