Quick Answer: Who Was Tammy Wynette’S Husband?

Why did George Jones and Tammy Wynette get divorced?

Wynette recounted in her 1979 autobiography that Jones once chased her through their home with a loaded rifle (though Jones disputed this in his own 1996 memoir).

In 1973, she filed for divorce.

The two soon reconciled, with Wynette explaining that the divorce filing had been an attempt to rein in Jones’ drinking..

What was Tammy Wynette’s real name?

Virginia Wynette PughTammy Wynette/Full name

Who got George Jones money?

After Jones died in April 2013, Nancy Jones sold her husband’s intellectual property and other assets to Concord Music for a reported $30 million.

Who are Tammy Wynette’s daughters?

Tamala Georgette JonesJackie DalyGwendolyn Lee ByrdTina Denise ByrdTammy Wynette/Daughters

How old was Tammy Wynette when she died?

55 years (1942–1998)Tammy Wynette/Age at death

Is Tammy Wynette still living?

Deceased (1942–1998)Tammy Wynette/Living or Deceased

What happened to Tammy Wynette’s first husband?

Unfortunately, their stormy relationship and Jones’ well-documented alcoholism led to their divorce in 1975. Wynette married two more times, first to businessman Michael Tomlin in 1977 (they split after only 44 days), then, in 1978, to singer-songwriter George Richey, who served as her manager in the 1980s.

Who was Tammy Wynette’s fourth husband?

Wynette was married five times: to Euple Byrd (married April 1960 – divorced 1966), with whom she had three daughters; to Don Chapel, born Lloyd Franklin Amburgey (m. 1967 – annulled 1968); to George Jones (m. February 16, 1969 – divorced March 21, 1975); to Michael Tomlin (m. July 18, 1976 – a.

Did Tammy Wynette’s daughters get any money?

No money was given to Tammy’s children. Tammy’s daughters were shocked has this was not what they had been told during their meeting with their mother. However, Tammy’s daughters still believed that they would inherit one of the $1 million life insurance policies.

How much was Tammy Wynette worth when she died?

Tammy Wynette net worth: Tammy Wynette was an American country music star who had a net worth of $900 thousand dollars.

How old was Dottie West when she died?

58 years (1932–1991)Dottie West/Age at death

Who was Tammy Wynette married to when she died?

When she died, she had been married more than 20 years to singer/songwriter George Richey, who also served as her manager.

What killed Tammy Wynette?

April 6, 1998Tammy Wynette/Date of death

How old is Georgette Jones?

50 years (October 5, 1970)Tamala Georgette Jones/Age

Where did Tammy Wynette live in Nashville?

4121 Franklin PikeNASHVILLE, TN — Like an unlucky-in-love heartsick heroine in a country song, the property at 4121 Franklin Pike has been on the market and off again. It’s been listed, de-listed and re-listed a half dozen times in four years.