Quick Answer: Who Won Last 10 Super Bowls?

Who has won the Super Bowl the most?

The New England PatriotsMost Super Bowl wins by NFL team 1967-2020.

The New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl a record six times, most recently Super Bowl LIII in February 2019.

Joining them at the top of this list is the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose most recent of their six titles came in 2009..

When did the Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

202031-20 – San Francisco 49ers197023-7 – Minnesota VikingsKansas City Chiefs/NFL championships

Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

When the Chiefs signed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a record-breaking 10-year extension earlier this week, their goal was clear: Win as many championships as possible behind the reigning Super Bowl MVP….How many Super Bowls will Chiefs win from 2020-21 to 2031-32?TitlesOver 1.5-125Under 1.5-105Jul 10, 2020

What Super Bowl did the Chiefs win?

202031-20 – San Francisco 49ers197023-7 – Minnesota VikingsKansas City Chiefs/NFL championships

Who is the Number 1 team in the NFL?

1. Kansas City Chiefs (6-1)

Who is Aaron Rodgers currently dating?

Since July 2020, Rodgers has been rumored to be dating actress Shailene Woodley. According to the gossip website TerezOwens.com, Patrick was the one who introduced the football player to the 28-year old star of such movies as The Spectacular Now and The Fault in Our Stars.

Which team has the most Super Bowl appearances?

The New England PatriotsThe New England Patriots have appeared in the National Football League’s annual championship game a record 11 times, winning the Super Bowl six times. The Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers share the honor of winning the Super Bowl the highest number of times (six wins each).

Who went to 9 Super Bowls?

The Patriots have played in 9 Super Bowls with Tom Brady.

Who won the Superbowl in the last 10 years?

Super Bowl XLVI – New York Giants The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 in this Super Bowl game.

Has a rookie QB ever won a Super Bowl?

No rookie has ever taken their team to the Super Bowl. However, two players have won the Super Bowl in their first year as starters. Kurt Warner and Tom Brady both led their teams to the big game and won it in their first year as starting QBs.

Who is Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend?

According to multiple rumours, 28-year-old actress Shailene Woodley is Rodgers’ new girlfriend. Celebrity gossip site TerezOwens.com wrote: “It seemed like Aaron had found his perfect partner in Danica Patrick.

What QB has the most Super Bowl wins?

Super Bowl winning quarterbacksTom Brady, 6. Credit: AP. … Joe Montana, 4. Credit: AP. … Terry Bradshaw, 4. Credit: AP. … Troy Aikman, 3. Credit: AP. … Peyton Manning, 2. Credit: Getty Images/Timothy A. … Eli Manning, 2. Credit: Getty Images. … Jim Plunkett, 2. Credit: AP. … Bob Griese, 2. Credit: AP.More items…•

Who won Super Bowl 54?

Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl LIV/Champion

Who won the last Super Bowls?

Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl/Latest champion

Has Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl?

This Day in History: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wins Super Bowl XLV MVP.

Who is better chiefs or 49ers?

San Francisco 49ers Results. The two teams have met each other 14 times (including 1 postseason game), with the Kansas City Chiefs winning 7 games and the San Francisco 49ers winning 7 games. …

Who hasn’t won a Superbowl?

There are now 12 NFL franchises that have not won a Super Bowl after the Eagles earned their first title in 2018. The Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Texans, Titans and Vikings have not won a Super Bowl in their history.