What Happens To Amber And Barnett?

How are Amber and Barnett doing?

We’ve been doing amazing ever since.” Now, Barnett and Amber have fully settled into their happy routine.

The couple lives together with Barnett’s dog, a wolf-German Shepherd-Husky mix.

Barnett has been incorporated into with Amber’s crew (“My friends are obsessed with him,” Amber says)..

Are Jessica and Barnett still together?

During last week’s finale, we only saw Barnett and Amber and Cameron and Lauren actually get married, while Jessica, Kelly and Damian each left their respectful fiancés at the altar.

Are Amber and Barnett still married?

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett According to the source, they’re still together and very happily married.

Are Giannina and Damian together?

Damian and Giannina reveal they got back together same day of disastrous Love Is Blind wedding. The couple tells EW all about their secret, year-and-a-half relationship since filming ended. Warning: spoilers ahead for the Love Is Blind season finale.

Are Kelly and Kenny together?

In a new interview, Love Is Blind’s Kelly and Kenny said that they never planned to get married on the show. According to them, they had multiple conversations in front of the cameras, but none made it into the final show. Now, Kelly and Kenny are still broken up, and Kenny is dating someone new.

Do Amber and Barnett have babies?

But pregnancy scare aside, it sounds like Amber and Barnett have settled into married life nicely. They have no baby plans as of yet but with all this isolation, it wouldn’t be crazy if we did get that Love Is Blind baby 9 months from now.

Is anyone from love is blind still together?

Despite what appeared to be their shocking ending on Love Is Blind, Gi and Damian are still going strong, nearly two years later! “I just helped Gi move into her new apartment,” Damian told ET earlier this month. “We are still in separate homes but see each other every day.”

Is Barnett and Amber still together 2020?

Amber and Barnett are still married. Amber admitted that she considered getting a divorce lawyer because she and Barnett, who are both stubborn, kept butting heads and were not in a good place. But things got better when they “stopped trying to force what we wanted on each other,” Barnett explained.

Is Giannina and Damian still together?

At the Love Is Blind reunion, which dropped onto Netflix and Netflix’s YouTube channel on March 5, the couple revealed that though they weren’t quite ready to tie the knot back in October of 2018, they’re still together today, getting to know one another at their own pace.

Are Kelly and Kenny still together love is blind?

What happened with Kenny and Kelly on Love Is Blind reunion special? Kelly is single again but she dated a close friend after the show. She admitted the show had shown her she friend zones good guys. Kenny has moved on since the show and found love with a new lady who he said he’s very happy with.