When Did Phish Get Back Together?

Why did Phish break up?

Phish “officially brokeup” fall 2004, following the Coventry Festival.

‘ This was an attempt to stay healthy and keep playing for another 30 years.” As he told another interviewer, “We had to stop Phish to preserve and respect it.” ….

Which song did Phish open with at their March 6th 2009 show at Hampton Coliseum?

Backwards Down the Number LineAlthough Joy was not released until September 2009, Phish introduced the song “Backwards Down the Number Line”, Joy’s first track, by opening the second set on March 6 with it.

Is Trey Anastasio still married?

Personal life. Trey has been married to Susan Statesir, his college girlfriend, since August 13, 1994. They have two daughters, Eliza and Isabella.

When was Phish first?

December 2nd 1983This past Monday marked the anniversary of the first-ever performance by the band we now know as Phish, when the group played a semi-formal ROTC dance at the University of Vermont on December 2nd 1983. The original lineup featured Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, and Jeff Holdsworth; that much we can all…

Why did Phish break up in 2000?

But John Paluska, the band’s manager, said the reason for the hiatus was that ”everybody just hit an undefinable point of exhaustion at the same time” and wanted to be with their families, especially after a year in which the band hit a new peak of popularity.

How much is Jon Fishman worth?

Jon Fishman Net Worth: Jon Fishman is an American drummer and musician who has a net worth of $65 million dollars. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1965, Jon Fishman is famous for his role with rock band Phish.