Who Is Cuppy Boyfriend?

Is Temi otedola DJ Cuppy?

Temi, the youngest daughter of Billionaire Femi Otedola has dropped an old photo of herself and her sister who is celebrating her 28th Birthday.

Famous Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Cuppy born Florence Otedola turned 28 today, November 11.

Sharing the throwback photo, Temi captioned; ”Happy Birthday @cuppymusic !!!!!.

Is DJ Cuppy the first daughter?

Nigerian singer, Tolani Otedola no really dey popular like her oda sisters, DJ Cuppy and Temi Otedola. She be di first daughter of Nigerian oil mogul and billionaire, Femi Otedola. Di 34 year old wey dem dey also call Olawunmi Christy Otedola na half sister to Temi Otedola and Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, AKA DJ Cuppy.

Is Zlatan dating DJ Cuppy?

Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy has finally found love and this time it is not the boxer Anthony Joshua but singer Zlatan Ibile.

Who is otedola first child?

Olawunmi Christine Otedola, popularly known as Tolani Otedola, is the firstborn child of billionaire tycoon Femi Otedola. Her mother is Olayinka Odukoya, who was Femi Otdola’s lover before he met Nana Otedola.

How old is Cuppy?

28 years (November 11, 1992)DJ Cuppy/Age

Does DJ Cuppy have a child?

Femi Otedola: DJ Cuppy father gift Ferrari Portofino to Tolani Otedola and Temi Otedola in one day inside dis 2020. Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola AKA DJ Cuppy daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola take to her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on Wednesday to rock di new Ferrari Portofino motor wey dia papa gift dem.

Is Cuppy married?

Cuppy who is the daughter of Nigerian business magnate, Femi Otedola had stirred reactions on social media after she revealed that she was shocked that 2020 was here and she is still single. “Me trying to figure out how it’s 2020 and I’m still single,” she wrote on her Instagram handle.

Who is otedola last born?

Femi OtedolaMeet Femi Otedola And His Last Born Who Also Doubled As The Heir Over His Money And Assets [PHOTOS] Femi Otedola, The CEO and founder of Forte Oil Plc, is a Nigerian billionaire born in the year 1962.

Is DJ Cuppy single?

“We are both single” – DJ Cuppy reveals relationship status of she and her sister, Tolani – ABTC.

Who is brother Shaggi dating?

DJ Cuppy Snubs Brodashaggi After He Professed Love For Her; Fans React (Screenshot) Nigerian comedian Broda Shaggi and popular Nigerian female Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy have a cordial relationship and fans don’t seem to expect anything more than that.

Why is DJ Cuppy still single?

DJ Cuppy Reveals She’s Still Single At 26 Because Of A Mistake She Made. Popular Nigerian female Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy, has finally opened up on her private life regarding matters that pertain to her love life. Born Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy has subtly revealed why at age 26 she is still single.

How much did otedola give DJ Cuppy?

Business mogul, Femi Otedola, has donated N5bn to the Cuppy Foundation, a philanthropic project of his singer daughter, Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy. Mr.

Is DJ Cuppy in a relationship?

DJ Cuppy dated the CEO of Stargaze, Asa Asika. According to a reliable source it was reported that the relationship is fairly new and they are trying to keep things on the low. They look adorable together. She mentioned that they have known each other for 10-years even before she became a DJ.

Who is Cuppy?

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (born November 11, 1992), professionally known as Cuppy, is a Nigerian disc jockey and producer. She is the daughter of Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola. She grew up in Lagos and moved to London at the age of 13.

Who is DJ Cuppy boyfriend 2020?

Family Life (Father, Boyfriend) Cuppy has been in a couple of high profile relationships. She previously dated former Nigerian international footballer Victor Anichebe who currently plays for Beijing Enterprises. She is currently dating music entrepreneur Asa Asika.

Does DJ Cuppy have a brother?

Fewa OtedolaDJ Cuppy/Brothers

Is Temi otedola dating Mr EAZI?

The billionaire’s daughter Temi Otedola and musician Mr. Eazi have been dating for quite a long time. There have not been any issues around their relationship as it keeps flourishing.

Is Mr EAZI a Ghanaian or Nigerian?

Mr Eazi Is the Nigerian-Ghanaian Pop Star Putting West African Style on the Map. Mr Eazi, the crooning singer and rapper, sits on the symbolic border of two distinct cultures and countries: Nigeria, where he was born and raised, and Ghana, where he went to college and spent his young adult years recording music.

Who is Mr EAZI girlfriend?

Temi OtedolaTemi Otedola, girlfriend of Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi, — and daughter of billionaire, Femi Otedola, has made her debut in Nollywood after starring in the movie, Citation and she is all emotional about it.

What is DJ Cuppy net worth?

DJ Cuppy is currently one of the richest and most influential female artists and DJ in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of ₦700 Million.

Who is the father of DJ Cuppy?

Femi OtedolaDJ Cuppy/Fathers