Who Writes Billy Currington?

What songs did Luke Bryan wrote for Billy Currington?


Luke Bryan co-wrote “Good Directions” for Billy Currington.

The year before Luke Bryan released his 2007 debut album, he co-wrote “Good Directions,” a feel-good summertime hit about sweet tea and turnip greens..

How much is Luke Bryan’s net worth?

Luke Bryan Net Worth: Luke Bryan is an American country singer, songwriter and guitarist who has a net worth of $160 million.

Early life and career Billy Currington was born in Savannah, Georgia, raised in Rincon, Georgia, and currently lives in Savannah, Georgia. He has four sisters (Lexie, Ann, Kim, and Kellie) and three brothers (Charles, Jason and Kurt Cobain).

What is Dierks Bentley net worth?

Dierks Bentley net worth: Dierks Bentley is an American country music singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $30 million.

What songs has Thomas Rhett written for other artists?

9 Songs You Didn’t Know Thomas Rhett Wrote “ Ring On Every Finger” // LOCASH. … “ Think A Little Less” // Michael Ray. “ Round Here” // Florida Georgia Line. … “ Parking Lot Party” // Lee Brice. “ 1994” // Jason Aldean. … “ I Ain’t Ready To Quit”// Jason Aldean. “ Write My Number On Your Hand” // Scotty McCreery. “ Girls in Bikinis” // Lee Brice.More items…•

Who wrote details by Billy Currington?

It’s the Georgia native’s follow-up to “Bring It on Over,” which was released in September 2018. “I couldn’t tell ya, what I did today, or the day before,” sings Currington in “Details,” which was written by Nicolle Galyon, Mark Trussell, and Stephen Lee Olsen.

Does Billy Currington still sing?

William Matthew Currington (born November 19, 1973) is an American country music singer and songwriter….Billy CurringtonOccupation(s)Singer songwriterInstrumentsVocals guitarYears active1996–presentLabelsMercury Nashville7 more rows

Who is Luke Bryan’s wife?

Caroline Boyerm. 2006Luke Bryan/Wife

How much is Billy Currington worth?

Billy Currington net worth: Billy Currington is an American country music artist who has a net worth of $4.5 million dollars.

What age is Luke Combs?

30 years (March 2, 1990)Luke Combs/Age

How old is Toby Keith?

59 years (July 8, 1961)Toby Keith/Age

Does Billy Currington write his own songs?

Billy Currington is not only a talented singer, he’s also a talented songwriter: The Georgia native has penned many of his own hit singles, including “I Got a Feelin’,” “That’s How Country Boys Roll” and his recent No. … And Currington acknowledges that the Nashville way of writing can prove challenging.

What happened Billy Currington?

Country singer Billy Currington, 39, was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday in Georgia on charges of elder abuse for making threats against Charles Harvey Ferrelle, 70. … AP reports Ferrelle told investigators Currington later got into his own boat with a camera, followed him to a dock and threatened him.

How tall is Billy Currington?

1.75 mBilly Currington/Height

What songs has Sam Hunt written for other artists?

In between writing his own hits, Hunt has penned several chart-topping songs other artists. He co-wrote Kenny Chesney’s 2012 single, “Come Over,” along with “We are Tonight” by Billy Currington, William Michael Morgan’s No. 1 debut single “I Met a Girl” and Keith Urban’s Grammy-nominated “Cop Car.”